What do we do now?

Benjamin Urdapilleta et Castres se sont déplacés samedi en Irlande, pays non concerné par les restrictions de déplacement.

The second day of the Continental Games led to a massive postponement of the Franco-British match. The maximum uncertainty reigns 3 or 4 days ahead of schedule in January.

A situation reminiscent of bad memories of the past season. Seven matches on the second day of the European Rugby Cup have been postponed to Friday due to travel restrictions between France and the UK. A few days ago, other competitions (especially Racing 92, Montpellier) were canceled. The restrictions went into effect at midnight on Saturday, and under these circumstances, Leon made the trip to Newport on Friday to confront and defeat the dragons. Castres’ move to challenge Munster in Ireland is, if not what to say, a country that is not worried about these restrictions but is affected by the spread of the virus. Absolutely incompatible …

Castress President Pierre-Yves Revol made a mockery of: “It simply came to our notice then. In terms of health, I would add that the situation in Ireland today is not really different from that in Great Britain. So the difference in treatment is based on political and administrative considerations, not health, which is difficult to understand. ”

There are 5 more weekends between the 27th and 28th of May 2022 and the final weekend of April 8th in Marseille so we can match the best chances

Anthony LePage, Director General of the EPCR

The key question that remains unanswered is how and when these matches will be played again on the overloaded schedule. The EPCR is still seeking a solution. Its general manager, Anthony LePage, explained Team, That’s it “We have different options, but it’s too early to keep just one. We need to think about it and make a collective decision. ” To add and: “Our priority today is for weekend matches, and it was important to play in good conditions and with the utmost respect for the health and safety of the players. There will be 5 more weekends between 27th and 28th May 2022 and the final weekend of April 8th in Marseille 2022 so we can match the best chances.

What about the 3rd and 4th days of January?

Many of the votes are now coming up for these postponed matches to be played in April instead of the 16th first round (April 8-10) and the eighth matches to be played in a dry match (April 15-17). Why… “The EPCR will provide more information as soon as possible and liaise directly with all clubs, leagues and other partners.“, The European body said in a statement.

More worrying, what about the rest of the Continental competition? This is because the 3rd and 4th days of the European Cups are coming up very fast, and the question of holding the next (January 21-23) matches on the weekends from January 14th to 16th is already being raised. Until then, it is difficult to see the lifting of restrictions between France and the United Kingdom. Shall we take the same and postpone it again?

Within three weeks, Wasp in Toulouse Coventry, go to Welsh Osprey at Racing 92, take the La Rochelle Bath, go to the Stated Franchise Bristol, and go to UBB and Clermont to welcome the Welsh Scarlett. For sale on the outskirts of Manchester. The new formula of the European Cup with 16 round trips has already taken the lead on the wing. This critical situation needs to be addressed quickly by the EPCR. Alas, remember the galleys of last season.

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