What do managers pay the most attention to in the post-Covid world? – latest news

What do managers pay the most attention to in the post-Covid world?  - latest news

A new PWC survey reveals what worries project managers in Ireland the most as the economy begins to reopen.

Nearly three-quarters of Ireland’s project managers are also very careful in adapting to new ways of working in the post-Covid world.

This comes from a new survey from the 2021 Project Management Pulse Survey conducted by PWC involving 100 project managers in Ireland.

Seventy-two percent of participants said their main concern was adapting to new modes of operation after the economy reopened. Their most important concerns were the health and well-being of their workers (64 pcs) and the availability of key skills (62pc).

The news comes as the Irish government hints at the possibility of some workers returning to their offices by the end of August. Some companies may allow this for a more mixed or hybrid work model.

Many companies, including banks like the stable TSB and Bank of Ireland, and global tech giants Google and Microsoft, have begun implementing their hybrid work models.

Increased pressure

42% of those surveyed commented that pandemic improved their work-life balance, while 37% noted an increase in stress levels.

In addition, 29% of managers surveyed reported a decline in their personal well-being, and a 30% decrease in their motivation from teleworking. When asked about their team motivation, 34% of those surveyed reported a lack of team motivation.

Not only will the pressure of project managers adversely affect themselves, but it will also affect the people they lead.

Last year, Silicon Republic.com editor-in-chief Elaine Burke spoke about the additional awareness gained by managers and CEOs during the first weeks of pandemic controls and the rapid shift in gear to remote operation. The team needs in the transfer of pressure.

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“Managers can move on to a refreshment without their day-to-day management practices, as they spend more time on things and do not need on-site control to show that work is progressing. It doesn’t take long for these stressful hurricanes to come out and bring their teammates Dorothy, Toto and Kansas with them, ”she said.

For more than a year now, project managers have been facing a second setting where ‘new’ is likely to become the norm, and high concerns about adapting to work in a post-Covid world are failing. No wonder.

However, the PWC survey also highlighted some optimistic trends in the sector.

Eighty-five percent of those surveyed said they would increase their investment in digital technologies and 65 percent said they plan to increase their company’s workforce.

Project managers reported key opportunities in the context of pandemic, including increased digital conversion (36 pcs), greater agility and decision-making (32 pcs), and greater functionality (32 pcs).

File Harvey of PWC Ireland said the survey highlights the need to protect people and their well-being while exploring new ways of working.

“The survey indicates that Irish project managers have faced the Kovid-19 storm and are emerging with confidence. Although the Kovid-19 was widely hampered, it also provided an opportunity to rearrange the long-term business model. “

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