What do I do if I have epilepsy for the first time? | at this time

What do I do if I have epilepsy for the first time?  |  at this time

Every week Edwin de Wall, General Practitioner at Nijmegan, answers a frequently asked or notable question from his training. This week it is: What should I do if I have epilepsy for the first time?

What happens in seizures?

“Because of epilepsy, most people think of someone who unconsciously starts shaking with arms and legs, but there are other forms. Some people do not react suddenly or just stare in front of you. You can hear strange sounds, crawl, feel or see colors. What happens is different for each person.”

Once I have a seizure, can I have epilepsy?

One in twenty people will have a seizure once in their lifetime, also known as ‘occasional seizures’. The most famous is the seizure of fever in young children. We speak of epilepsy as a condition only if there are two or more seizures in a year. Occasional attacks are provoked by circumstances. Tension and stress can be a motivation. Insomnia and fatigue. “

“Some people know that stress or poor sleep can lead to seizures. Unfortunately there is nothing in general to say about omens. ”

Do you need to go to the doctor immediately after such a first attack?

“Yes. It’s important to find out what caused the attack. It’s not a serious thing to do, but it can be. Sometimes it’s a symptom of a serious condition, such as a brain tumor or brain hemorrhage.”

“If someone has witnessed your attack, it’s best to take him or her to the doctor. It’s often difficult for you to reconstruct exactly how it went. That’s why it’s often good for people to ask. It’s helpful. Find out why. “

Do you need to take medication immediately after an attack?

“Not if the doctor suspects that this is an occasional attack and therefore a one-off. If the doctor has a suspicion or suspicion that it may be more likely to occur, you can be referred to a neurologist. If neurological tests show that you have epilepsy, you may be prescribed medication to prevent future seizures.”

What are the first symptoms of epileptic seizures?

“It’s hard to say, because it’s different for each person how the attack works. Sometimes your senses can be as strong as migraines. You can suddenly become overly sensitive to sounds or light. Some people know that stress or bad is irritating, but unfortunately it does not say anything in general about omens.”

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