What Bergoglio said about Ratzinger

What Bergoglio said about Ratzinger

Pope Francisco He does not pay tribute. Or at least that’s what he was used to. However, the Jesuits often exclude Pope Emeritus Joseph Ratzinger. For Jorge Mario Bergoglio, in fact, his predecessor fielded “A brilliant teaching and an unwavering love for the truthThe annual delivery of the award is an opportunity to repeat a comment that was already known Benedict XVI. During this week, some photos of Emeritus intending to speak with the winners appeared on the web. As expected by Monsignor George Gainesveen, Ratzinger “appeared full of Joy de Vivre”.

Come on Writes Acted, For Francis, Ratzinger lives “The great masters of philosophy and theology of our time“Since the abdication of the German theologian Peter’s throne, a number of Catholic intellectuals have suggested that the former pope be included in the Church’s list of physicians.

The former Teutonic Pontifical “Book Room” possessed better than “authority”: when looking at Ratnaussinger’s analysis of the Pontificate, this phrase often appears. That may be true. The former Archbishop of Buenos Aires recalls how Benedict XVI continued to write despite being on the throne. Ratzinger, in the middle of his pontificate, dedicated himself to a real person Christology. Emeritus is only there to reinforce the concept of the best “room”.

Bergoglio wanted to emphasize the intellectual and theological side of Ratzinger’s work: “We will not forget – The Pope said – Benedict XVI continued to study and write until the end of his Pontifical. About ten years ago, while fulfilling his administrative responsibilities, he was busy completing his trinity about Jesus, thus giving us a unique personal testimony to the constant search for the face of the Lord.

An unimportant detail: it should not be easy for a pope to measure his power and with that consistency dedicate himself to the doctrinal interpretation of the whole earthly parable of Jesus Christ. In one of those three cryptographical works, Joseph Ratzinger looked at another piece of evidence of how he loved to dedicate himself to such work. Catholic Church. It is no secret that the Bavarian did not have a pontificate on his wishes and plans.

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Meanwhile, Pope Emeritus received the third dose of anti-Covid wax 19. Clean Infectious disease, On his way to his brother’s bed in Germany, allowed Ratzinger to continue his “quest for the face of the Lord” spoken by Pope Francis at the awards ceremony.

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