What are the strongest passports in the world in 2021?

What are the strongest passports in the world in 2021?

In recent months, the global Kovid-19 pandemic has changed the landscape of global tourism. Suspiciously, some countries are closed, while others are still not recommended for travel. However, the English consulting firm Henley and partners The ranking of the world’s strongest passports this year has been revealed, reports CNN. At the top of the list are two Asian countries. With a Japanese or Singaporean passport, you can travel to 192 countries. This is two more than the German and South Korean passports, and four more than the Austrian and Dane.

The French passport ranks fifth with 187 destinations (along with Ireland, the Netherlands, Portugal and Sweden). In this ranking, although CNN holds the number one position among all European countries, the top two positions are held by Asians. Note New Zealand, which has tightened health laws (Air New Zealand will require compulsory vaccination in February next year), ranked sixth.

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Afghanistan is the last

The passports of the other two great nations, the United Kingdom and the United States, certainly experience the opposite situation, whether Brexit or the Kovid-19 pandemic. They are seventh in the rankings. More importantly, the Henley & Partners report points to “growing inequalities” and indicates that some of the “regulated” policies contained by Kovid are now being applied to accommodate movement from the South.

At the end of the rankings, we are not surprised in Afghanistan. Visa entry or the absence of visa applications is only possible in 26 countries. The Taliban-held state now faces Iraq (28), Syria (29), Pakistan (31) or Yemen (33). North Korea, with 39 possible targets, has not been rated well. “If we are to revive the global economy, it is essential that developed countries promote internal migration flows instead of continuing outdated regulations,” said Henley & Partner CEO Christian Colin. He added: “Resource-rich” countries need to attract and welcome the next generation and develop their economies.

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