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What are the sources of money for the host country of the cup?

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The World Cup has already started in Qatar, unlike other cups, the location Geographical Also the weather in the host country has changed the calendar of the event. Now, a question that cannot be silenced is “How can a country that practically lives in a desert get rich?”. To answer this question, check here the main sources of income in the country. Qatar.

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General information about Qatar

The country located in Western Asia, on a peninsula, the Persian Gulf, living under the rule of an absolute monarchy, has a great feature that explains the wealth of this country. In terms of GDP per capita, Qatar is the fourth richest in the world, with $112,789 per inhabitant. And they have been in the top 10 list for the last 10 years.

Source of wealth

The country’s main source of income is the extraction and export of oil, which was first discovered in 1939, and according to a World Bank report, Qatar has the largest reserves in the world. Another source of wealth associated with oil mining is the extraction of natural gas.

According to the World Bank report, Qatar benefits from its large oil and natural gas reserves and small population. These two factors allowed for the economic boom of the country known for its luxurious cities.

Other recipes from Qatar

In an effort to diversify Qatar’s economy, the country’s government is working to develop tourism, for example by promoting the country to international gatherings such as the World Cup, where the country hopes to boost local tourism after the event.

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