What are the ings tting for the week of April 12th to 18th?


Men’s UP TV Live

Here is the program of the week on your screens:

  • The Never, Monday, April 12 at OCS

The series tells the story of women in London during the last years of the Victorian era who were suddenly attacked by extraordinary talents. Amalia True, a Nigo widow with a little easy punch, and Penance Adair, a young and talented inventor, are also at the forefront of this elite. History, as we know it, creates a home for the “touched” as they fight the forces of evil to make room for those who want to forget.

  • Frank of Ireland, Friday, April 16th at Amazon Prime Video

The series tells the story of Frank Maron, a 32 – year – old Irish misanthropic musician who lives in Dublin with his mother.

  • Murder in turbulent waters, Sunday, April 18 at 3 p.m.

After her parents died on the ship, Hannah Sailor did not recover from the tragedy. She is cool, utema, focused, and the opposite of her new teammate Mike Oberlaunder, who is chatty and unorganized. These two professionals of a difficult nature, despite their differences, will support each other in resolving the most diverse crimes.

  • Baghdad Central, Thursday, April 15 on Arte.tv.

In 2003, after the fall of Saddam Hussein, former police officer Muhsin al-Khafaji struggled to find his missing daughter. His quest will lead him to the most dangerous path.

  • Stop Daddy, you embarrass me!, Wednesday, April 14 on Netflix

Brian Dixon (Jamie Foxx), a single and talented business leader, quickly finds himself a full – time father to teenage daughter Sasha (Kyla-Drew). With the support of his father and sister, Bryan wants to do his part to the best of his ability. At the same time, Sasha needs all the help to cope with this new situation.

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