What are the features of One Pearl Bank Apartment?

one pearl bank

Once the tallest private residential building in Singapore, one Pearl Bank Apartment (built-in 1976) was potentially one of the most widely-talked sales in 2018. The area next to MRT Outram Park station was finally sold to CapitaLand for $728 million, after years of focus on saving the famous horseshoe-shaped residential scheme. Loaded the sales gallery was with over 4,000 visitors on its first-weekend preview to make room for the upcoming one pearl bank condominium.


Looking at One Pearl Bank’s architecture, the CapitaLand seems to be committed to maintaining the old Pearl Bank Apartment’s classic vision. They would like to incorporate this ‘craft’ into their property portfolio for home buyers and property owners who are huge fans of location and the classic architectures. Many of the estate buyers ask with some of the recent launches in the city, including Rivière and Sky Everton, whether one Pearl Bank condo is a good purchase.


About One Pearl Bank Developer


One Pearl Bank developer is nothing but CapitaLand—one of Asia’s most prominent property groups with a vast assortment of firms. CapitaLand, headquartered in Singapore, is handling an asset base of over 123 billion dollars by the end of June 2019. It has a range of retail, commercial, industrial, and logistics segments spanning 200 cities and 30 countries.


The Group primarily concentrates its plans for expansion in other countries in the markets of Singapore and China. Any of the most iconic residential projects of Capiteland in recent years, including D’Leedon. The Interlace and Sky Habitat, with great architectural styles. CapitaLand will concentrate on the large residences of Sengkang following One Pearl Bank, which will be the next main project next to MRT in Buangkok.

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Features of One Pearl Bank Apartment


The new tower will feature 774 condos, as CapitaLand has reported. The interested purchaser can pick between 430 sq ft and 2800 sq ft, including penthouse and studio apartments. The new structure is not only designed to serve residential places but also for sky allocation gardens. Those gardens are lined up vertically to offer an insight into one skyscraping garden. The architects build each tower to construct 18 gardens. It would be the world’s first skyscraper to have such a feature.


In these parks, urban growers enjoy planting their seeds. It will encourage many ambitious farmers to take part in this initiative by new residents. The one pearl bank price and unique design demonstrate that a sky terrace with roof gardens between the two decks is given for each tower. Indoor and outdoor amenities include a bar, a footpath, and an imposing alfresco restaurant.


Just a few buildings have such a natural architecture, and One Pearl Bank is likely the leader. CapitaLand is committed to creating a solid framework with all new facilities to enhance the charm of the area. The company assumed that the plant would be finished by 2023, followed by One Pearl Bank.


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