What are the criteria a company should adopt?

What are the criteria a company should adopt?

Telecomming an employee from a foreign country carries many risks that must be offset by value creation. Example of Digitized by Google Employees even in Brazil or Ireland.

The health crisis and repeated imprisonment provoked some employees to set up “long-distance telework” outside the big cities and to return to the office a few times.

30% are human resource managers And so on According to the National Association of HRDs (ANDRH), employees moved during the crisis. Some go further in both senses of the term, wanting to retain their job in France and settle abroad.

Accepting such a request is not trivial. Digitevent, a French company specializing in software solutions, met the desire of event organizers (22 employees).

“It started with an employee who wanted to settle in Brazil, and other requests were for Ireland, Dubai …”, explains Jonathan Astrak, co-founder of the company.


For the manager, accepting such a request is a success for both parties. “Initially, it was not our desire for an employee to go to Brazil, it scared us, especially considering his importance in the company. We first wanted to see if we had any business opportunities in this country,” he says.

“It takes 3 to 4 months upstream, which validates the interest in expanding the site’s functionality. We went beyond that, because this relocation creates real business opportunities with an employee who can benefit the company, ”explains Jonathan Astrak.

But there are always unpleasant surprises, especially on the tax side. “Having an employee abroad can be considered a permanent institution in the country concerned, so paying charges and taxes is a risk,” explained Severine Martell, Reid Smith’s associate attorney.

Barriers, especially tax barriers

“Initially we were upset about this, the manager agrees. We had to deal with a lot of hurdles, especially with regard to the employment contract. We had to create a substation, otherwise we could not do it, it involves an extra load. There are a lot of restrictions, you have to prepare the land well.”

It is a question of thinking about the implications of managing practices “by adjusting normative processes, precise objectives, management tools, and solid communication.” Today, if things work on an organizational basis, you have to constantly optimize, ”Jonathan Astrak adds.

One thing is for sure, the temptation abroad is becoming more and more prevalent “especially after the crisis, especially among young people. It feels like a challenge, especially among job-learning students, we need to take this issue seriously”, the leader continues.

If the more problematic employee is important or strategic to the company.

“Accepting such a request depends on the profile and weight of the employee in the company,” the manager blows.

Translation: The risk of losing a key employee by refusing to do telework from abroad is dangerous in the context of a lack of skills …

Olivier Chicheportiche BFM Business Journalist

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