What Are the Best Irish Movies on Netflix?

Irish film-making is going through a golden period right now, and that has raised interest around the globe, as people are more interested in non-Hollywood movies. What are a few of the best options worth checking out on Netflix just now?

Redemption of a Rogue

This 2020 film was directed by Philip Doherty and stars Aaron Monaghan as Jimmy Cullen, the prodigal son who returns to a small Irish town looking to make up for sins he’s committed in the past and to see his father one last time before he dies.

In this black comedy filled with moments of deadpan humor, Jimmy discovers that he and his brother Damien (played by Kieran Roche) won’t receive any inheritance if they bury their father when it’s raining. As the rain continues to fall for days and they’re forced to wait, the locals start to wonder if the brothers not burying their father is to blame for the constant rain.

Since the Banshees of Inisherin is currently the most talked about Irish movie, ExpressVPN’s flowchart on which Oscar movies to watch next suggests that if you liked The Banshees of Insherin, you should also watch Waking Ned Devine and The Killing of a Sacred Deer.

Deadly Cuts

Written and directed by Rachel Carey, this 2021 Irish comedy was filmed in Finglas, Dublin. It focuses on a group of local hairdressers who get caught up in a dangerous conflict with a ruthless developer and a protection racket gang.

The Irish Times calls it “unpretentious” but points out that the humor isn’t particularly subtle. It had the best box office performance of any Irish film in 2021 and has received mainly positive reviews, with actresses Pauline McLynn and Victoria Smurfit, in particular, being praised for their roles. Deadly Cuts won an Irish Film and Television Award.

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The Screen Daily review mentions this movie’s “local, low-budget humor” and points out that McLynn and Aidan McArdle both give larger-than-life performances that add to the outrageous appeal, while they confirm that some Dublin locals made it into the movie as extras.

The Guard

Dating from 2011, The Guard was written and directed by John Michael McDonagh. It’s a movie in the buddy cop genre, set in the Connemara district. Sergeant Gerry Boyle (played by Brendan Gleeson) is a tough cop who teams up with newcomer Aidan McBride (Rory Keenan) to investigate what looks like the evidence of a serial killer.

The Guard became the most successful Irish film in history when it was released, and also has excellent online reviews, with The Guardian calling it a “nicely eccentric comedy” and the Roger Ebert site pointing out that Gleeson adds a great deal of character to this role.

All of these movies are on Netflix now and are well worth watching, and the current hype around Irish films should mean that we get to see some more interesting new releases like these in the next year or so.

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