What are requests and what can happen

What are requests and what can happen

Negotiations between Russia and Ukraine are resuming, but this time at a distance. The two delegates will meet via video conference on Monday for the fourth round. At the table there is always a ceasefire and the opening of human corridors. Both sides talk about progress and steps forward, but – at least at the official level – so far no discussions have taken place.

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Russia and Ukraine are ready for new talks. Rumored during the day Meeting between Tuesday and Wednesday, Then came confirmation from Moscow and Kiev. However, this time the format will be different: the delegates will meet via video conference on Monday, March 14, and will no longer be in the forest on the border between Poland and Belarus. In short, it will be a long-term debate that the whole world will watch with great attention later. Failure of prejudices Of these, in practice, the decision was made only to open human corridors – in most cases – left only on paper. This is exactly the style of governing the country that he has used in Russia. Basically considered a failure.

In recent days, a major opening came from the Ukrainian President Selensky, who spoke Open a discussion about Crimea and the Donbass, But Russia has not yet made progress. At least officially. At the same time, Turkey and Israel are vying to play the role of mediators in the negotiations. Israeli Prime Minister Bennett has endorsed Selensky’s proposal to hold talks with Putin in Jerusalem, but that situation still seems remote.

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Mikhail Podoliak, an adviser to the Ukrainian president and a negotiator in Kiev, said: “Today I look forward to it.Concrete results“Talks with Russia in the coming days. Moscow”Has become more sensitive to the Ukrainian position“E”Began to speak positively“Podoliak added to the video posted on his Twitter profile.”Our suggestions are on the table – continued – They are very powerful. This includes the withdrawal of troops and the ceasefire“.

Meanwhile, according to reports from Riva Novosti, Leonid Slutsky, a member of the Russian delegation, spoke about the progress made between the parties since the beginning of the talks: “Significant progress can be seen in comparing the positions of Russia and Ukraine in the initial and current discussions. – He said – I hope that progress will become the common ground of both delegates and that a document will be signed“.

In short, there are many possibilities on the plate. If the parties say they have made progress, the reality is that they have not even been able to activate safe human corridors to evacuate civilians from the big cities. Selensky’s opening in the Crimea and Donbass has now fallen on deaf ears. Requests from Ukraine are always the same: first ceasefire. On the other hand, from Russia, they seem to take the time to sit at that table with more cards to play.

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