‘We’ve just started’: Northern Ireland stars Johnny Brooks and Brooke Schollian lose The Voice to coach

'We've just started': Northern Ireland stars Johnny Brooks and Brooke Schollian lose The Voice to coach

The Voice ‘two Northern Irish contestants lost last night’s show’s best prize but won something very special: their collaboration with their superstar coaches.

One Brooks and Brooke Scullion told Sunday Life that their careers were ready to receive help from Sir Tom Jones and Megan Trainor.

Blessing Chittapa (17) won the grand final with a recording contract with the UMOD label.

The West Midlands singer’s sincere commentary on Robbie Williams’ Angels garnered the most votes from a home – based viewer.

Blessing’s victory made coach Ollie Mars the second consecutive voice winner.

There was a nail-biting climax on the ITV show for viewers in Northern Ireland.

Bellagi Woman Brooke and Jamaican-born teenage girl Giovanni Hutton compete with Johnny Blessing for the Best Prize after being expelled after singing two songs.

The 30-year-old, who sang the moving version of Natalie Imbruglia’s hit hit around the world, told Sunday Life that coach Sir Tom complimented her on the singing.

“He said I sang it and could do it.

“He was always positive whenever I came in front of him.

“He has always been that way throughout the process.


Johnny performance with Tom Jones

“We progressed well together. He has a similar crack in Northern Ireland.

“He’s very quick-witted. He’s always ready for a laugh, and he’s good to be around.

Johnny’s first song was Harry Styles Ballad Falling. Duet with Sir Tom on Dobby Gray and Road Stuart Soul on Standard Drift Away.

“There is no other competition in the world that gives me the opportunity to sing with him (Sir Tom),” Johnny said.

“It’s probably the best gift on another show. I’ll never forget it.

“It was incredible. I think it will be a highlight of my career and life.”

The South Belfast singer added that he could be in touch with Sir Tom and the manager’s son Mark with the Belfast reunion on the cards.

“I will keep in touch with them. It is great to have their support,” he said after the show.

“Sir Tom will be performing at the Botanical Garden next year (May 30, 31). I live nearby, so I could literally wander around and see him.

“Actually, I said I would come and see him at the Botanic, but he replied that we would see each other before then, and all of this once (corona virus pandemic) calmed down.

I was not given the opportunity to ask if I could perform (at the Botanic Shows), but it would be wonderful if I got that opportunity.

“Maybe I’ll mention it to him next time. Of course this is something that should work.”

The St. Anne’s Cathedral guard described his time on the show as precious and vowed to work harder on his music.

“I don’t remember feeling disappointed when Blessing’s name was announced as the winner,” he added.

“At the end of the day, I still feel that I have achieved a lot more than I intended to do.

“The experience I gained and the new drive I found for music was more than enough.

“I feel nothing but positivity. Now it’s up and up.”

Co-finalist Brooke described her voice experience as “the best time of my life”.

She also revealed that she is ready to collaborate with her American superstar coach in the near future.

The 21-year-old tried her best to “leave everything on stage” when she sang her first song, Stevie Knicks’ first song, “Edge of Seventeen,” in the context of a fireworks display on her high boots.

Since Megan could not go to the UK for the Grand Final, Brooke won the chart-topping dance-pop star Ella Ire, Calvin Harris and the Rag N Born Man Giant.

The graduate of Ulster University Drama said: “Although Megan was in LA, she was in constant contact with me and she was involved in my preparations through a screenplay.

“I had the best time of my life in the finals. Megan told me, ‘Pretend it’s your birthday. Celebrate every moment and take mental pictures’ – I did it.

“I feel like I did everything I could. I performed within an inch of my life. I learned a lot from this and now I’m very good at it.”

They also said they had invited the head of state to rejoin Megan once the lockdown restrictions were lifted.

“She gave me her number ages ago, and we’re definitely in a relationship,” Brooke said.

“She is now six months pregnant and will soon give birth to her baby, but after that she told me she would set up a studio for us in LA and move in there and start writing together.

“Isn’t that incredible? The only way is up here.”

Sunday Life

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