Werner Herzog: Elon Musk’s Mars City is a ‘False’, ‘Obscene’

Werner Herzog: Elon Musk's Mars City is a 'False', 'Obscene'

Elon Musk makes human beings a target Multi-Planetary By building an independent city on Mars.

Billionaire tech mogul says his starship spacecraft, designed by his rocket company SpaceX, can be launched on the first flight to Mars. In 2024 itself. Gradually, he hopes to bring people to the red planet with a rocket mass. His goal is to build City of 1 million Martians by 2050.

Legendary filmmaker Werner Herzog thinks it would be a mistake.

“Elon Musk is designing himself as a kind of technology visionary,” Herzog said The opposite. “Because he’s selling his electric cars. He’s amazing at doing that. He’s selling reusable rockets. He’s amazing at doing that.”

But I disagree with him when he posts and preaches about the colonization of Mars.

SpaceX Mars Martin Colony City City Settlement Starship Rocket Launch Glass Bubble Dome Habitat Rendering Artist Idea

An image of SpaceX’s planned starship rocket lifting from a Martian city and returning to Earth.


Herzog said humans should not “be like locusts,” but “try to keep our planet habitable.”

Musk argued that the earth could not be inhabited forever and that mankind needed to overcome it. If the climate crisis does not host our planet to human life, an asteroid impact could easily be done. Although we are lucky, in a few billion years the swell sun will boil over the Earth’s oceans and eventually expand to swallow our planet completely.

For Musk, the first step in escaping this fate was to colonize Mars. But Herzog told the opposite, he was not convinced.

“I have to tell everyone, not just Elon Musk,” he said. “It’s an obscenity. Thought alone is an obscenity.”

He compared the entrepreneur’s plans to the rise and fall of communism and fascism in the 20th century.

“Thank God, these two giant utopias have ended,” he said, adding that the same could happen to the city of Mussoorie on Mars. “Our century will soon put an end to technological utopia such as the colonization of Mars.”

Yet Herzog said, “I want to go [to Mars] Using a camera with scientists. “

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