“We’re fans watching Red from Ireland” – Informazioneonline.it

"We're fans watching Red from Ireland" - Informazioneonline.it

Amisi, This week was a miracle. As fans this week we have a little bit of space in our hearts and being with all the fans at Rivasa brought us to the beauty of this sport.

Thanks to the magic of these days of having close ties with many supporters around the world, he brought us closer with some friends across the channel.

You may not all know this, but in the world There are more than 420 Ferrari clubs, One of which is located on the Emerald Isle in Cork, where President Don Eiorio Farrell is. The ranks of the Ferrari Club in Cork include the keyboardist of the rock band The Cure and many fans not only of Red from Maranello.

So we decided to ask them to see them live at the Monza Grand Prix next September. Jessica, the club’s vice president, answers our questions. You can see the Irish players at their headquarters to take part in the Imola Grand Prix last Sunday. Looking forward to the next round of the World Championships in the United States on May 8th, we will keep you posted with other stories and a few technical articles, because now you have to admit, you have entered this incredible world just like us.

Hi Jessica, Nice to meet you and your wonderful club. Let’s start with the questions. How do you feel about this Ferrari?

This year’s Ferrari is the most competitive we’ve seen in a while, so I’m optimistic about getting more podiums and success this year. I think the training of the pilots helped.

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It’s incredibly proud to see so many Ferrari clubs around the world, who put you in this passion?

It all started when our club president and founder decided it was time for Irish fans to create their own club and like – minded people to come together. Cork, because it is the county where the president lives.

How do you feel about the Grand Prix in Ireland?

We will have to travel to get the real feel of an F1 race, and our nearest F1 circuit will be the Silverstone in the UK, but many of us have gone to other GPs, for example Spa, Monza … Good luck with being able to move, all of us together on the Sky F1 channel that finds us on Grand Prix Day Seeing the race.

Besides your passion for Ferrari, what are the common reasons for an Irishman to become an F1 fan?

Years ago, F1 was broadcasting on our national television station RTE, which would have generated some interest. Considering the lack of important and historic circuits as in Europe, let me say that there are many rally lovers in Ireland as well. The geography of our country itself makes it a rally country, but many people now love F1, and there is no shortage of endurance racing fans (WEC), in fact some of our friends and partners will be going to see Le Mans 24 hours a day in May. .

In the 1970s and 1980s, F1 had an Italian driver from Brescia, the main district of our Ferrari club, whose name was Bruno Giacomole, but everyone in the field called him Bruno Jack Omali, giving his family name an Irish side. Do you know the story? Was it popular in Ireland?

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Actually no, I personally have never heard of it. I will tell you that this will be an interesting story and we promise to let you know about our Italian trip! See you in Monza.

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