Well … this is our beautiful land! Astronaut taking a picture of the Earth from the space station!

Well ... this is our beautiful land!  Astronaut taking a picture of the Earth from the space station!
All kinds of news about space will amaze us. This includes news about common meteorites as well as news about Mars. It is common for astronauts to photograph the environment from time to time. It will be a refreshing experience for them.

On their way to the moon, the astronauts will take a variety of photos and post them on social media pages. It’s a sight to behold. Many astronauts want to take a beautiful photo of the earth from the sky at least once in their life.

Some astronauts like this will post pictures of the Earth. That experience of being able to see the earth we live on from the sky is only available to one in a million people. An astronaut took a special photo of the earth using this opportunity.

That too is not normal. He photographed our Earth from a space station where many people around the world can speak with amazement. The astronaut was named Matthias Marar. He is currently working on the International Space Station. He has been posting various posts related to space on Instagram. His posts will go viral among the people. The same is true of eloquence. For example, his recent post showing the stunning beauty of the earth surprised many.

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He also shared some lines about it. “From above, our earth is like a real work of art. I have taken these colorful pictures of the Arabian Peninsula, but I was amazed to know what these shapes and stripes look like in the desert.

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Many people like these posts. And many are expressing their opinions. Some of them have posted “Stunning photo. Thanks for sharing this”. For some, it’s like a painting.

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