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Well-Being: The 5 Most Common Mana of Humans

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EMan is often organized, thus saving energy and making the daily burden more bearable. It forms certain rituals in the form of gestures or rituals Like the shower or the walk to work we can do in seconds.

These gestures, rituals or habits give us peace of mind and free us from false anxiety. It should not fall either Confuse a Mana with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD). Almost everyone incorporates habits and rituals into their daily lives, but not all of them can be considered OCD. If we can’t carry out one of our manias, such as brushing our teeth after eating, driving up our anxiety levels, this disorder can prevent us from going about our day normally.

Manas is one level below OCDs. In conversation with our relatives, we can verify that some of them are very common. These are the five most common.

1. Avoid stepping on tile lines

This method is very common, especially in children, when they walk down the street. There are also adults who associate this mana with the justification that stepping on a line of tiles is good luck. while walking If unable to do so, for whatever reason, the person in question is forced to put his foot on the line, a certain pain is felt.

2. Wash your hands frequently

This defect is known as ablutoma, if it becomes an OCD. Frequent dirt on objects like a doorknob will create demand Wash your hands frequently, too vigorously, or for long periods of time.

3. Go to the bathroom at home and never go outside

7% of the population has this problem, although at first glance there seems to be more. Who doesn’t know a friend who has to hold back until they get home because of their distrust of public toilets? to the belief that these latrines are unsanitary Added to that is the embarrassment of someone watching them.

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4. Double check things

This is probably the most common of all. How many times have you left the house with the door closed or the light on? If you carry a ‘combo’ wallet, mobile and keys (which we can include a mask or headphones) it happens in the car or at check-in on several occasions.

5. Associate everything with numbers

The second, more common, is known Arithmoman. It can manifest in many ways, as can the people who experience it. For example, Steps we take when climbing stairs, adding license plate numbers or any measurable process. If this mana goes bad it can lead to OCD.

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