Week 10 Blu-ray Highlights: “Fukushima”, “Jiu Jitzu”, “Enfont Terrible”, the first “Star Wars” movies in Steel Books and more.

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Week 10 Blu-ray Highlights: “Fukushima”, “Jiu Jitzu”, “Enfont Terrible”, the first “Star Wars” movies in Steel Books and more.

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With just 40 releases on the Blu-ray Disc, the tenth calendar week lineup can handle more than the current week’s HD program. However, there will be a mix of new movies and series in HD, catalog titles for the first time on Blu-ray, and newer versions and special editions that will be available in three editions. At this point we can examine the Blu-ray highlights between publications for the second week of March 2021.


Caplite Pictures will be a disaster film on March 11, 2021 “Fukushima” (Japan 2020) on Blu-ray Disc. The film tells the story of Fukushima’s nuclear disaster as a result of an earthquake that caused a tsunami that flooded the Japanese coast. The release date was not chosen randomly, as it is March 11th. The accident happened exactly 10 years ago. And on March 11th. Eurovideo becomes a war drama “Only one life” (Belgium, Great Britain 2020) Animated film “Sorry! 2 – Land in sight” (Ireland, Luxembourg 2020) Re-evaluate on Blu-ray Disc.


One day later, Lighthouse Home Entertainment delivers a sci-fi thriller “Encounter – Close Encounters” (USA 2018), starring Luke Hemsworth. On the same day, Caplite Pictures will be with you “Jiu Jitsu” (USA 2020) The latest film with Nicholas Cage will be placed on the cofandel. On March 12, 2021, Leonin Home Entertainment will also be a German comedy. “God, you can be an ass!” (Germany 2020), with Till Schweiger in lead role and in biopic drama “Awesome Awesome” (Germany 2020), about the life of German filmmaker Reiner Werner Fassbinder. All new Blu-ray images have German DTS-HD master audio 5.1 sound. By the way, the only series in the coming week will be new “Pure – Good and Evil – Season 2” (Canada 2017). In the case of using the slipcase, the release is by Justbridge Entertainment, but only with Dolby Digital 5.1 sound.

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We’re indebted to the freelancers in the area of ​​catalog titles on the Blu-ray Disc and all new entries for the 10th week. Coach Media Home Entertainment is on March 11th. Terrible comedy “Such!” (Germany, France, Japan, South Korea 2008) Re-released on Blu-ray. The HD premiere of Family Film was also credited to Eurovideo “Charlie and Louise” (Germany 1993) Joseph Wilsmeyer. A film adaptation of the novel by Eric Kostner was produced for the first publication on Blu-ray Disc. Re-established digitally ored The German DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1 and 2.0 sound and a few extra extras appear on the keep case, including the reversible cover.

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Finally, but let’s look at the newer versions in the form of separate editions, as Warner Home Video, distributed by Universal Pictures Home Entertainment and Walt Disney Studio Home Entertainment, will release several feature films on March 11, 2021. Limited steel books. Disney will be in the top six Star Wars-Films “Skywalker Saga” Publish original film posters as cover motifs in Blu-ray HD on steelbooks. The three missing films and spin-offs in the series will be submitted in early May 2021. Warner is also released in Germany “Science Fiction Destination Series” Published as the first title in this series “Alarm in space” (USA 1956) George Lucas “THX 1138“ Director’s cut on steelbooks with matching artwork. You can find all the latest publications of the 10th calendar week in ours bluray-disc.de-Calendar. (pf)

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