WeChat’s efforts to update three major system update content highlights – Tencent WeChat Tencent WeChat

WeChat's efforts to update three major system update content highlights - Tencent WeChat Tencent WeChat

The latest WeChat has started to exert its power and it has been updated with more practical new functions. Let’s take a look at the new functions of WeChat in Android, iOS and PC segments. You can figure it out at once, you don’t have to look everywhere.


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Happy Input Full Screen Input Function (Android & iOS)

Enter the text in the WeChat input box. If the number of characters exceeds a certain number, the content in front will block the input box. Going back to view and modify is very troublesome. But now, in the new version of WeChat, a “full-screen input” function has been prepared for users. After turning on this function, you can enter the full screen input state, which is enough to give you a lot of text. .

How to activate full screen input function? There are two ways. First, when the input text content of the input box reaches three lines, the “^” button will automatically appear on the left side of the input box. After clicking, full screen input can be performed. Second, long press on the input box and then select “Full Screen Input” in the menu options that appear.

Figure 1 Full screen input function

Do not delete and resend circle of friends to modify visible range (iOS).

Be aware that in the old version, once the news about friend circle is published, the visibility range set at the time of publication cannot be modified. Consequently, if users forget to set the visible range or want to modify the visible range, they must delete and republish it. However, in the new version of WeChat, you can directly modify the visible range of published moments.

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Specific actions: Enter the published news of the circle of friends → three dots in the upper right corner → modify the visible range.

Figure 2 Modifiable scene sequence

Finally you can change the shape of the QR code and change the business card style (iOS)

Immutable Personal QR Code Business Card can finally change, but not the appearance, the color and background color of the QR code. Even if it’s just a simple color change, some styles are really beautiful.

Figure 3 QR code can be changed to business card style

Official Account Authorization Management (Android & iOS)

I wonder how many public accounts you follow? Anyway, the editor is following a bunch of public accounts. Many official accounts require user authorization. Over time, you won’t know which official accounts you’ve approved. In the new version of WeChat, users can control the personal information and permissions of the official account.

This function is located here: WeChat → Contacts → Official Account → Three dots in the upper right corner → Personal information and power management.

After entering this function, you can see all official accounts approved by this number, and you can know at a glance the permissions granted to each official account. If you want to turn off the permission, enter the corresponding official account in the list for permission management.

Figure 4 Personal information and authority management of official account

Sharing articles more convenient and automatic long screenshots (iOS)

In the new version of WeChat, when a user finds the user’s screenshot action while browsing an official account article on WeChat or an article on a third-party website, a long screenshot button of “Save the whole page as an image” will appear in the lower right corner. Click this button to get a screenshot. Long screenshot of the entire article, user can also crop the screenshot. In this way, it is more convenient to share articles or save articles.

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Figure 5 Automatically generate long screenshots

Keep swiping video numbers, slide automatically (iOS)

Netizens who love watching video accounts this time got two practical functions, one is to put the video account they are watching into a floating window, and the other is a lazy function that can automatically switch to the next video.

Figure 6 Automatic slide up function

Know status icon with description at a glance (Android & iOS)

Have you seen your friend’s status? But the status icons are so small that it’s not easy to keep track of which icon represents which status. In the new version of WeChat, this problem is improved and explanatory text is added directly next to the status icon, which makes it easier for people to know at a glance, so there is no need to guess.

Figure 7 Status icon with description

Watching a play while having a video chat can float a video call (iOS).

In the new version of WeChat, when users are in a video call, they can switch the video window to a floating window, and then they can use it at the same time.cell phoneAnother APP aspect with video of people. However, this functionality doesn’t seem to be open to all members, and iOS users need to unlock Picture-in-Picture permission.

Voice input note function added new changes (iOS)

The new version of WeChat improved the notes function in the collection, added text highlighting and voice input functions. The recognition rate of voice input is still very high. This is to replace the input method.

Figure 8 New version of Notes

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Chat History Migration and Backup (PC Version)

The PC version of WeChat has also been updated. This update supports chat record migration function. With this function, a copy of the chat record on the computer can be copied to the mobile phone and merged with the original chat record of the mobile phone. . Do not delete the chat history immediately after the migration, check if there is a record on the mobile phone and then delete the chat history on the computer.

Figure 9 Chat history migration function

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After reading WeChat’s recent new functions at a glance, which one do you think is the most practical? The editor finds the full-screen input function to be most useful, as adults of the editor complain every time why the text is always covered in the input box. Update now to experience it.

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