Web Tax, EU launches public consultation

Web Tax, EU launches public consultation

In recent days, the European Commission has launched a public consultation on what is called web tax: a tax that affects large companies on the web.

He has been talking about this for years. Giants on the web can take advantage of the tax law of special tax countries that have changed their headquarters (mainly in Europe, Ireland and the Netherlands).

All of this certainly penalizes small businesses, which are now further shattered by the unequal competition.

General gution consultation on web tax

As mentioned earlier, the European Union, in recent days, has begun a public consultation on the imposition of a web tax.

The consultation will be open for 4 weeks from January 14 until midnight on February 11. Anyone can submit their contributions.

The European Union, reading the relevant web page, needs a modern, sustainable regulatory and financial framework to respond to the developments and challenges of the digital economy.

While digitization needs to be promoted and promoted to increase productivity and benefit consumers, digital companies themselves must contribute a ‘fair share’.

The initiative aims to introduce a digital tax to solve the problem of fair taxation of the digital economy.

In the days leading up to this goution consultation, the Commission itself will publish a summary report explaining how donations will be accounted for, and why some proposals could not be approved if necessary.

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