Weatherspoon chef ‘suspended’ after making tic-tac-toe videos showing how to make dishes

Weatherspoon chef 'suspended' after making tic-tac-toe videos showing how to make dishes

A cook in Weatherspoon claims to have been suspended shortly after filming “behind the scenes” videos showing how dishes are made on a popular pub chain.

Going through J Salsa on Tic Tac Toe, he has created a series of wild videos, explaining how cooks like Whole English Breakfast and Chicken Korma prepare food.

Many have seen it more than a million times, with viewers reacting positively to dishes made with fresh ingredients and others lamenting cooking that seems to depend on pre-prepared food.

J Salsa posted a new video on Monday in which Weatherspoon apologized to boss Tim Martin for the videos and was suspended for not deciding the outcome of a disciplinary meeting.

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He said in the clip that the officials at the corporate headquarters contacted the pub where he works.

J Salsa added: “My manager had a meeting with me today about the whole thing and the whole situation and they were calm about it to be honest.

“They understood, I explained my point of view, it was a mistake and I did not intend to do any harm to the company.

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“Long story short, I was suspended until my disciplinary meeting, where I would find out if I had been fired or not.

“So there are no Weatherspoon videos right now.”

Viewers were disappointed to see footage posted by J Salsa warming a chicken corma from a package.

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Someone said: “Suppose you get a chicken korma for $ 2.50 from Tesco.”

Another asked: “Would you tell me I’m paying $ 7.50 for a microwave meal?”

But the rest appeared to be amazed at the whole English breakfast, and one asked: “Wait they don’t microwave at all.”[?]”

A spokesman for Jedi Weatherspoon declined to comment.

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