Weather warning: Freezing rain and extreme cold warning

Weather warning: Freezing rain and extreme cold warning

Written by Gilles MatriconeClimate observer

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Saturday, February 13 from 12:00 to 12:00 on Sunday, February 14th.


This weekend, severe cold is spreading further south to the center of the Val-Lower, Burgundy-Franെois-Comte, and north of the Auvergne-Rൺn-Alps. Temperatures range from -4 to -8 ° C on average, but between -10 and -12 ഹ C in the Huts-de-France to the Grand Estate and in some snowy areas between Burgundy and the south and south. In the afternoon, it does not flow in these northern and northeastern regions, blowing at speeds of up to 60 kilometers per hour, increasing the feeling of snowy winds. Extreme morning temperatures are expected to reach 0 വട C or daytime north of the sun on Sunday morning.

Meanwhile, freezing rain is happening in Brittany but is less intense than Thursday’s episode. However, the maintenance of the ground ice made the roads particularly slippery until Sunday morning.


This Saturday

3:30 p.m., The cold will be sharp, and the biceps will increase it. Temperatures remain negative from -2 to 0 C from Normandy to the center-val de Lower, north of Jura and the Grand Estate in the U Vergene-R റോn-Alps. In Lille (59), we returned positive with + 1 C, ending without creeping for 6 consecutive days.
In Brittany, it appears as a few drops or flakes in cold weather. This low rainfall will increase. When it falls to the frozen ground, these flakes or fog immediately freeze on the ground.

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A 12 hour, Although the temperature is colder than this morning, it remains very cold from north to east and in the center of the country. Temperatures range from -4 to -2 ° C and -2 to 0 C in other departments and neighborhoods, from the Huts-de-France to the Grand Estate. In Brittany, light frosts are reported from Coates de Armor, north of Morbihan.

A, -16 was C in Malha house (68). You must return to February 4, 2012 to find the lowest temperature with -20.2 with C. In Burgundy, many towns and villages in Morwan freeze to -10 C. With the north wind, the wind feeling is close to -20! In Paris, heavy snowfall approached (-4.9 C). Temperatures dropped to -4.9 to C in Paris-Montessori. It was snowing for the sixth day in a row. Return to the February 2012 cold snap to find several consecutive snowy days.

A 7 m, The northeastern part of the country experiences temperatures of -6 to -15 degrees Celsius. For example, -15 ° C (52) in Oberoi, -14 ° C (68) in Malha House, -12 C (52) in Langres and -10 ° C in Chato-Chinon (58). As the wind blows sensitively, it feels cold. The wind between Alsace, Lorraine and Morwan experienced wind -20 this morning! In Malha House, you must return by February 14, 2013 to find the lowest temperature.

At the same time, the earthquake was disturbed in Finister, which persists near 0 C, so the ice is still very high.


This afternoon :

The maximum remains negative again. The biceps, which blow at a speed of 50 kilometers per hour, increase the cold. Lille experiences its seventh day without a hitch. It’s the longest cold wave in the city since late December 1996 – early January 1997. In Brittany, as the unrest passed, the ice coats spread from de Armor to Ille. -Norbyhan’s north continues from Saturday to Sunday until late at night and reaches Cotten.

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The temperature drops very quickly. From the center of Val de Lയർrre to the north of the Burgogen-Franois-Comte, north of the Ug‌ne-Rൺn-Alps, the average temperature is moderate to -4 to -8 C, but between Jura and -10 C C and -12 ° C to Burgundy To some icy areas between the north and south of the Paris Basin.

In Brittany, Atlantic turbulence occurs in liquid form with little rainfall but it quickly freezes to the ground.

Sunday :

The cold will be severe again in the morning, especially from the northeast to central France, but these areas will gradually rise from the afternoon snow. Huts-de-France, Champagne-Arden, Lauren and Alsace are more resistant to cold air.

Sunday through Monday night :

The strongest frosts will be confined to the Alsace Plain. It will be much colder than the previous nights in the northern part of the Paris Basin and the Overgne-Rhne-Alps from Normandy, where the bottom of the air will soften a bit. However, with the arrival of Breton unrest in the Northeast, the possibility of an ice storm from Huts-de-France to Ardennes on Monday morning is not ruled out.

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