Weather Warning: Active and Extended Rainstorm Episode

Weather Warning: Active and Extended Rainstorm Episode

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Active and extended rainstorm episode

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Friday, June 4 from 12:00 to 9:00 on Saturday, June 5.


France is in the midst of a conflict between fresh air from the Atlantic and tropical winds from North Africa to Central Europe this weekend. At the same time, the dynamic southwest flow at high altitudes brings very unstable air from the Iberian Peninsula and the Bay of Biscay to northern France. This climate is ideal for an episode with heavy storms moving from the southwest to the north of France and then to the east and southeast.


This Friday at 12 noon, Heavy thunderstorms hit Huts-de-France and Ardennes. The Albert storm in Som dropped 21 millimeters in less than an hour. More scattered thunderstorms in the southern part of the New Aquitaine. In the last 24 hours, 46 mm of Bourget (93), 43 mm of Evrooks (27), 40 mm of Angolim (16) and 36 mm in Le Mans were found in Novelle-Uttein, Center-Val di Lower, Normandy and Ile-de-France. Mm (72).

This Friday at 9 p.m. Heavy rain fell in the north of Ile-de-France, Hout-Normandy and Picardy. Other localized storms return through Aquitaine and the Pyrenees. Nancy was particularly important for the collection of rain from the Aquitaine to Normandy and west of the Ile-de-France, 24 mm, 30 mm in Beauvais, 36 mm in Alenon, 36 mm in Le Mans, 40 mm in Tours and up to 48 mm on the axis.

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This Friday afternoon, Strong thunderstorms resumed from Ile-de-France to Huts-de-France, Champagne-Arden and Lorraine. Meanwhile, heavy thunderstorms are rising from the Pyrenees to Occitanu. The weather is becoming very unpredictable from limousine to overgrown with occasional strong thunderstorms.

Friday night, Occitania to Ouarzazate, Berry to Burgundy. North of the sign, the area between the Huts-de-France and Lorraine is still affected by some thunderstorms.

Friday through Saturday night, Heavy thundershowers will affect the Mid-East and Northeast regions. A short but intense storm episode will wipe out areas extending from the Lion and Porvens to the Ron Valley as a torrential downpour; The rain-storm episode will be more durable for the Alps.

Saturday morning, Rain and thunderstorms will recede significantly and heavy rains will evacuate, a special press release may be raised at 9 p.m.

Here are the highlights of this massive rain-storm devastation:

– Intensity of heavy rain during thunderstorms
– Accumulation of rain equivalent to 15 days or 3 weeks in one hour or two hours during the most active thunderstorm
– Risk of flooding and landslides under the most active storm cells
– Possibility of localized hail, especially in the south-west and mid-west.
– Strong electrical action

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