Weather trend for late January

Weather trend for late January

We are in a remarkable anticyclonic period. This has happened before, and it’s a classic situation of the season, but its duration is very important. While this anticyclone is synonymous with fog over a large part of the country, it is our good fortune to be able to enjoy the beautiful sunshine even when the occasional breeze gives a slightly cooler experience. On the shores of low clouds, especially in the eastern part of the region, a short period of humidity is expected tomorrow, but it will be difficult for them to settle down, and the sun will soon return for the rest of the week.

These low clouds, we owe a transition between two situations. The first was dominated by an anticyclone. When one goes away, it gives way to a new anticyclone. Finally, the pattern repeats itself. This new anticyclone will bring us moderately cold, sunny but windy northern currents.

Map: Tropicaltidbits

The map above represents the pressure deficit of the week 24-31 January. There is a strong positive mismatch (in red) between France, England and Ireland. In other words, the pressure must be high in these areas. The trend is very clear and credible this high end of the month as high pressure continues. So the weather should be generally dry. Many windy seasons are expected in our area and as a result temperatures will remain the same.

The end of January, with its winter colors, is perfectly smooth in its feel, with no real disturbance or excess in one direction or the other. This anticyclonic trend may continue until early February. Of course, the signals show that the zonal flow (disturbed ocean current) must be difficult to stabilize, which allows for higher pressures. Drought will increase in this case. This should definitely be taken with tweezers, and this trend will be updated during updates.

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