Weather in Egypt on Sunday 8/8/2021

Weather in Egypt on Sunday 8/8/2021

The Meteorological Authority expects Sunday to drop today Temperatures In Greater Cairo and Lower Egypt, very hot and humid climates prevail, hot and humid along the northern coasts, very hot and humid in southern Sinai and southern parts of the country, with temperatures exceeding expectations by 2: 4 degrees.

As for the night weather, the climate in Greater Cairo and elsewhere is mild and humid.

The Meteorological Authority said on Sunday that there was a chance of early morning fog on some roads leading to Greater Cairo, Egypt and the northern coasts, with a chance of light rain in the southern and Red Sea regions of the country during intervals between the mountains Halaeb, Salatin and Abu Simbel. In the regions of Greater Cairo and on the west coast, it experiences high humidity at night.

Temperatures on Sunday, Sunday: Great Cairo 38 degrees Celsius, 26 degrees Celsius, Greater Alexandria 33 degrees Celsius 25 degrees Celsius, Big Matro 31 degrees Celsius 25 degrees Celsius, Big Sohag 42 degrees Celsius 27 degrees Celsius, Great Quina 43 degrees Celsius, Low 27 degrees Celsius 44 degrees and a minimum of 29 degrees.

The following is a statement of the temperature in the cities and capitals of the governorates of the Republic:

Temperatures in Cairo Minor 26 and Great 38

Temperatures at Shebin L-Com Minor 26 and Great 38

Temperatures at Tanta Minor 26 and Great 37

Temperatures at Damanhoor Minor 26 and Great 36

The minimum temperature in Alexandria is 25. The maximum is 33

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Baltim Minor 25 Maximum 33 Temperatures

Temperatures in Matre Minor 25 and maximum 31

The minimum temperature in Salom is 25 and the maximum is 33

Temperatures at Siva Minor 24 and Great 38

Port Side Minor 26, maximum 33 താപനില C

Temperatures at Damietta Minor 26 and Great 32

Temperatures in Sagasig Minor 25 and Great 38

Temperatures in Ismailia Minor 23 and Great 38

The minimum temperature in Suez is 25 and the maximum is 38 degrees

The minimum temperature in Al-Arish is 25. The maximum is 34.

The minimum temperature in Rafah is 24. The maximum is 33

Temperatures in Ras Sid Minor 26 and Great 39

Nakhal al-Sogra 19 Great 38 Temperature

Temperatures in Nuwaiba Minor 27 and Great 40

Temperatures at Taba Minor 27 and Great 38

The temperature in Catherine Minor is 22 and the Great 35

The minimum temperature is 27 and the maximum is 40

Temperatures in Sharm El Sheikh Minor 28 and Great 39

The minimum temperature in Hurghada is 28 degrees Celsius and the maximum is 38 degrees Celsius

Temperatures at Marsa Alam Minor 28 and Great 37

The minimum temperature in the fume is 25 and the maximum is 40.

Temperatures at Beni Souf Minor 25 and Great 40

Temperatures in Minya, Minya, Minya 26 and Max 41

Temperatures at Asiat Minor 26 and Great 41

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Temperatures in Sohag Minor 27 and Great 42

Temperatures at Queen Minor 27 and Great 43

The minimum temperature in Luxor is 28 and the maximum is 44 degrees.

Temperatures at Aswan Minor 29 and Great 44

The minimum temperature in Abu Simbal is 28 degrees Celsius and the maximum temperature is 43 degrees Celsius

Temperatures in New Valley Minor 27 and Great 44

Temperatures at Chalatine Minor 30 and Great 41

Temperatures in Abu Ramad Minor 29 and Great 42

Temperatures in Halayeb Minor 32 and Max 37

Temperatures in Ras Hadraba Minor 31 and Great 37

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