Weather forecast. The end of the winter episode in Dijon and Cote d’Ivoire?

Weather forecast.  The end of the winter episode in Dijon and Cote d'Ivoire?

1.4 degrees in Dijon, 1.7 in Buenos Aires, 1.4 in Arne-Le-Duck, -0.9 in Saul Liu, and 1.2 in Chatilon-sur-Sean. Stayed a few days on episode Cote d. However, the cold is now rare, and the temperature should gradually increase during the day as the very cold northeastern current from northern Europe finally begins to change.

Below the seasonal criteria

So, Metavo News reports that Mercury will reach 12 degrees this Saturday and Sunday, all under beautiful clearings in the morning, followed by more aggressive collections in the afternoon. The coat-D season is below normal, but this slight slump over the weekend indicates the return of mildness.

It will rain soon

With 14 degrees expected on Monday and then 16 degrees on Wednesday and Thursday, it looks like the protracted winter will once again pave the way for spring and seasonal standards. According to MétéoNews, the sky will be calm throughout the week despite the disturbances. There will be more rain with the rise of Mercury.

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