Weather forecast: Snow is coming again

Meteoroloji uyardı: Kar yağışı yeniden geliyor

According to the latest estimates from the Directorate General of Meteorology: In our country, it will be partly cloudy along the Marmara, Aegean, western Mediterranean, northwestern Central Anatolia, western Black Sea, Adana and Osmania coasts. , Hatay, Samsun, Çorum, Amasya, Rize and Artvin are expected to receive rain. Snow and intermittent snowfall are expected in the western Black Sea region, around Kutahya, Afyongkarahisar and Eskisehir, and at night in the northern parts of Edirne and Kirkറreli; It is expected to strengthen locally (21-50 kg / m2) in the western parts of Marmara and in the evening on the Aegean coast and at night in Aidan, Mughal, Denisli and Usak. Snow and sleet are expected in the morning and night, inland and in the eastern parts, and fog and sleet are expected from the area.

Atmospheric temperature: It is estimated that the interior will increase by 2 to 4 degrees and there will be no significant change in other places and the seasonal temperature will be normal throughout our country.

Wind: It is expected to blow lightly from the north and west, with occasional moderate winds, and in the afternoon it is expected to blow strongly from the northwest to Marmara and from the south and southeast Aegean (30-60 km / h).


Heavy rain warning: rain; It is expected to be locally strong (21-50 kg / m2) west of Marmara and in the evening off the Aegean coast, and at night in Aidan, Mugla, Denisli and Uzak, with flash floods and flash winds. There may be rain and traffic jams, so be careful and cautious.

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Avalanche Warning: Extreme levels of flood danger were announced in the interior and highlands of the eastern Black Sea, and in the high snow-capped slopes of eastern Anatolia.

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