Weather forecast for the Lorient region. Cold winds blow from noon on Sunday

Weather forecast for the Lorient region.  Cold winds blow from noon on Sunday

The anticyclone, which is strengthening in the western part of Ireland, will cause the arrival of northeastern currents associated with the descent of cold air.


Rare fog in the morning before the beautiful sunshine with the gradual rise of Mercury. Generous sun and softer than the midday sun.

In the afternoon, ubiquitous sunshine in the Groiks and along the Plovdiv Way Lorient, adorned with a beautiful emotion. Refreshment from sunset.

Very weak easterly winds blowing in a northeasterly direction from the morning and very weak in the afternoon. From Guidel-Pleas to Kerok: Beautiful sea. Min: 3 ° / 4; Maximum: 12 ° / 13 ° (2 ° / 3 to 12 ° / 13 വട north of “Gestel-Lanester-Kervignac”). In the evening, starry skies, rapid fall of Mercury; 7pm at 8pm and 5pm at midnight.


At dawn, the front, approaching Morbihan from the English Channel, will create a cloudy sky with weak and intermittent rain.

From noon, the evacuating front to the south is preceded by the return of the clearings, with a clear afternoon, more generous “Gestel-Lanester-Kervignac” north of an axis, more generously in the Lorient and on the coast and in the cumulus clouds. Under a feeling of 5 ° / 7 shade.

Beautiful generalized clearings with sunset in a feeling of great novelty.

Northerly weak winds in the morning, mild in the morning and mild in the afternoon (winds 3-4, strong winds blowing at 30-40 km / h in the mainland; 4-5 strong winds, 40-50 km / h along the coast). From Guidel-Pleas to Kerok: Beautiful sea. Min: 4 ° / 5; Maximum: 10 ° / 11; (3 ° / 4 to 9 ° / 10 വട north of “Gestel-Lanester-Kervignac”). Clear skies in the evening with cool northeast winds (40-50 km / h). 6 8 at 8pm, 4 at midnight (felt 4 ° then 2)).

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It is associated with the descent of cold air, the instability coming from the channel, creating different skies in the morning (more visible on the coast) and cumulus (more north of the Lorient) becoming unstable in the afternoon. Very cloudy skies, with occasional cumulus clouds and occasional showers.

Cold northeast wind (4-5 strong, 40-50 km / h; coast 50-60 km / h) Afternoon freshening (Force 5, wind 50-60 km / h on mainland, Force 6, wind off coast) 60-70 km / h). Min: 2 ° / 3; Maximum: 9 ° / 10; (1 ° / 2 to 8 ° / 9 ക്ക് north of “Gestel-Lanester-Kervignac”). Winds were experienced from 0 in the morning to 3/4 in the afternoon. Cloudy skies and cold northeast winds (60-70 km / h) in the evening; 4pm at 8pm and 3pm at midnight.

Tuesday through Thursday

This Tuesday, the broader anticyclone, which is concentrated from eastern Canada to the Baltic, will retreat to western Ireland on Wednesday, creating a return of currents from north-west to north-east, which will be even more turbulent from Thursday.

On Tuesday, high pressure gradually gaining strength from Ireland, creating a return of generous sunshine from the coast to Ploway, after a variable, with a clear cloudy morning, afternoon and afternoon. The contrast between the sun’s senses against wind and shade. Moderately strong and cool winds from the Northeast (4-5 kph, 40-50 kmph in the mainland, 5-6 kph and 55-65 kph). Min: 2 ° / 3, maximum: 8 ° / 9. Favored winds of -1 + to + 3 ° / + 4.

Mercury, west of Morbihan, will experience a beautiful Wednesday under the ubiquitous winter sun, protected by anticyclones and from dawn to dusk. Northeast wind (3-4 strong winds, 30-40 km / h, 40-50 km along the coast). Minimum: 1 ° / 2, Maximum: 9 ° / 10. Felt in the wind oscillating from -2 to + 6.

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On Thursday, the highly inactive front approaching Morbihan from the Chanel coast will create overcast skies in the morning followed by fog with light or moderate rain in the afternoon. Very weak north wind in the morning and weak in the afternoon. Min: 4 ° / 5; Maximum: 9 ° / 10.

The low pressure moving from Iceland to the North Sea and then to France is associated with cold polar winds, which will cause very unstable, windy and very clean currents on the weekends of November 27th and November 28th.

Inequality of rainfall

The sixteenth is November 20, and the number of non-rainy days brings us back to the last rain (1.5 mm on the 4th). If you have to go to October 31st to find heavy rain, it’s 12.2mm on the 30th and especially 28.5 on the 31st.

It’s like this autumn with huge inequalities after 1’s heavy rainIs October 2 (28.5, 40.4 liters / m2), thirteen days without rain.

During 1996/2021, the average rainfall was 125 liters, while in 1999 and 2004 it was only 25.5 and 30.4 mm, while in 2000 and 2019 it was 268 and 251 liters / m2 respectively.

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