Weather forecast for Normandy on Saturday, August 14th

Weather forecast for Normandy on Saturday, August 14th

Conditions will remain high over the weekend. The sun will be the main component of this Saturday, though it will sometimes compete for the beach in the morning with permanent clouds. To provide a summer experience, the temperature will remain above seasonal standards.

This Saturday morning weather forecast

At night, the clouds reach Cotentin, the coast, and Pais de Cox, and at the beginning of the day the atmosphere is dim, mainly towards the coast. This gray matter will disappear more or less slowly or later, while the interior of the earth will soon benefit from very bright weather.

The wind is very weak and the minimum values ​​are very high: sometimes 8 to 9 പ്രാദേശ locally in the cloudy area at night, unlike the coast, already 13 from Cherberg to Troport.

The weather this Saturday afternoon

Sunlight will be strong and generous, but will eventually remain local before a few shades of gray fade.

In this clear and bright situation, the wind will move to the beaches to the northwest coast, the effect of the wind, which will prevent the maximum values ​​from rising: sometimes from 20 to 21 from La The Hague. Bay of the Somme.

On the other hand, to the beaches of the southern channel, temperatures can reach 28 ° or more locally over the entire region, which is located at 3 above the norms of the season.

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A shortcoming will approach Sunday in Ireland, from where the presence of the morning cloud will give way to our coast in the afternoon.

The weather will start to change on Monday as this British depression progresses. Umbrellas can be useful again in very cold weather.

Next week will be mainly lower than the seasonal average.

To know

This Saturday August 14th celebrates Evard.

Bottom: 6h47 / 21h21 (- 3 mn)

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