“We will grow more than France and Germany. Ready for even heavier interventions »- Corriere.it

"We will grow more than France and Germany. Ready for even heavier interventions »- Corriere.it

What is needed now more than ever is social and political unity. Uncertainty on the threshold of the vote could be eased if Italy’s international credibility holds up amid defining clouds on the horizon.. Mario Draghi, at the press conference At the end of the last Council of Ministers before the summer break, it’s no secret that autumn brings a series of challenges to shake your wrists: rising gas prices, the energy crisis, the high cost of living dragged down by this inflation rate, difficulties in supplying goods, geopolitical uncertainty. Crisis in Taiwan This is likely to make matters worse as it does not help the ceasefire plans in Ukraine, and hopes for talks with Moscow rest on China.

Because of the legacy he leaves to those who follow him to Palazzo Chigi, it makes him thinkThe forecasts for the third quarter are not so disappointing Although this 17 billion euro mandate is set against a very difficult backdrop for businesses and households looking to ease into it. The scale of the interventions – on electricity bills, tax wedges and revaluation of pensions – assumed extraordinary meanings dictated by the urgency that determined the high cost of living savings and productive activities. Constitutional mandate is respected even though it is an executive’s prerogative in current affairs.

The Prime Minister does not interfere in the election dispute. Of course it stays well away. For those who want to test his availability as a man in the service of institutions that do not get a clear majority in the polls, grandfather rest, reply. To clear further doubts he says: Today is the end of CDM, happy holidays to those who are not campaigning, my best wishes to all those who do, wishes and dreams, I am very close to them. Some political forces are clamoring Draghi to the diary. The equation rings true immediately, and for Draghi it limits the international credibility Italy has, which it must continue to have. He had no doubt that any government would honor the commitments made in Europe with the PNRR, as some countries agreed to tax their citizens to ensure Italy had the resources.

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The schedule of funds allocated by Brussels is tight. Better than France or Germany, tax and competition can no longer be put off, as are the reforms the next executive must pursue to avoid squandering growth not seen for twenty years. Confindustria forecast a 3.4% gain in 2022, up from 6.6% last year to 1%. To his credit, the economic policy of this government and the ministerial structure of the treasury have worked without exception. A round of applause for department holder Danielle Franco, who sits next to him. This is a mandate that takes place without budget variances, because the dynamics of tax revenues, due to the impact of high levels of inflation, are higher than expected in order to quickly distribute resources. A mandate shared with social partners, Draghi points out, highlighting the criticism of some unions, which may ultimately influence the intervention in the tax wedge, more liberal than how he entered the cabinet. Energy companies are ending up offshore this time too. Earnings in the first tranche of excess profits were lower than expected. The 25% tax rate on excess profits has not yet led to the expected revenue. Conflicts between the state and society are the closest. However, Draghi finds it intolerable that families and businesses are suffering hugely despite the one sector exempting the provisions. He also says he is ready for other heavy-handed interventions that may be necessary until the new government comes in.

Would that be clear, even from that Ita Airways matter: I do not intend to leave the dossier to the next government, but the decision will come in a very short time, within ten days, it outlines the road map of the company’s privatization process. International credibility is the legacy he cares most about. In the mandate, he mentions the will to attract investment from abroad in high-tech sectors such as semiconductors, which are sorely lacking in Europe (and the rest of the world). The reference to Intel’s announcement that it intends to open factories is not even hidden. As they bring jobs, its rate has risen by more than 60% to its highest rate since 1977, although the prime minister has indicated that only a fraction is being hidden indefinitely. Closure of migratory pressure induced by instability caused by scarcity of wheat: We got the unlocking The first ships, But we cannot rule out the humanitarian crisis just yet.

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