“We will give a billion doses to the poor” – Corriere.it

"We will give a billion doses to the poor" - Corriere.it

* British Prime Minister

Does not exist Further convincing and grim evidence of the need for global cooperation Of an epidemic that is sweeping the world More than 3.7 million victims.

For the first time since the beginning of this tragedy, The G7 leaders will pay a personal visit Today A summit I am presiding over in Cornwall, In the UK. I have invited the Prime Ministers of India and Australia and the Presidents of South Korea and South Africa. More confrontation with other independent democracies and communities.

We have a shared goal: that Succeed at pandemic and reduce risk Similar new events and the rebuilding of better communities from the remnants of this tragedy.

Around the table in Cornwall will be the world’s largest and most innovative economies, ready to mobilize their skills and abilities against a common enemy.

The genius and perseverance of our scientists brought us Safe vaccines Effective against Kovid-19. Now our most important task is to use them Protect humanity As soon as possible.

Helped the UK find Kovacs, Global alliance that has so far delivered 80 million doses to developing countries. All of these doses were Oxford-AstraZeneca, a vaccine developed with the support of the British government – using experts from the UK – precisely because It is economical to control and easy to store And it can save the most people around the world.

We all need to work harder in this serious crisis. So I want the G7 to be fixed A challenging but urgent goal: Give one billion doses to developing countries to vaccinate all people in the world by the end of next year.

No one has ever tried such an achievement before If you doubt that this is possible, I urge you to be inspired by the extraordinary deeds already done in the adverse circumstances of this epidemic. Our scientists have developed the Kovid-19 vaccine faster than ever before. The UK and many other countries are giving their citizens immunity faster than previously thought.

We must now be led by the spirit of the same urgency and ingenuity in the global effort to protect all mankind. We can do it, we have to do it, and so on Thanks for this G7 summit.

The truth is, even if we succeed, our efforts will be in vain if another deadly virus emerges and unleashes a new catastrophe.

For this we must do Increase our collective capacity A global radar for pandemics – including the creation of a network of observatories to prevent another pandemic and to warn of future threats.

It took our scientists 300 days to understand the Kovid puzzle and develop vaccines, But we need to be able to respond more quickly. The G7 summit will also help accelerate the development of vaccines, treatments and tests for any new virus, with a target of 300 to 100 days.

Millions of girls around the world are denied education, Which hinders the development of entire communities. This is a moral provocation and a serious obstacle to economic growth. Our common goal is to ensure the schooling of another 40 million girls by 2025. I urge the G7 and host countries to contribute more to the global partnership goal of raising $ 5 billion for schools in developing countries.

As classrooms increase, At the same time, we need to create jobs that meet the needs of new young talent and protect the environment in which they inherit.. The G7 can advance both of these goals by promoting a green industrial revolution to limit global warming to 1.5 degrees and promising to halve carbon emissions by 2030.

The whole world will soon come together to meet this crucial challenge: in November, the United Kingdom will host the COP26 conference in Glasgow, organized in collaboration with Italy. Meanwhile, The G7 wants to preserve biodiversity for future generations, Pledges to protect at least 30% of land and oceans by 2030.

We must also provide developing countries with the transparency and high quality investment needed to build clean and green national infrastructure and boost their economies.

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