We tell you about this 36 hour crossing from Paris to Belfast

We tell you about this 36 hour crossing from Paris to Belfast

Experience – Two trains and a long sea crossing. To connect Paris with Belfast, we voluntarily took the most difficult route for the simple pleasure of tasting for a long time. The story of a 36-hour journey in fashion Slow down.

800 km As the crow flies, Dublin is as close to Paris as Lille is to Montpellier. The sea is a barrier and cannot be reached by train or car. Surface? We want to do without it at least once, along the way. One solution seems obvious: smuggling. Like the Corsica, the Balearic Islands or the Maghreb, Ireland is one of the most accessible places by sea from France.

Thanks to the combination of train and boat, it is quite possible to travel from Paris without going by air. If you have time. Most of the time. For our part, it’s about 36 hours to Belfast with a stopover in Cherberg and Dublin.

Choice of slow travel

La Citi de la Mer is located on the former Atlantic Station in Cherbourg. The City of the C / B. Almodovar

Why make such a trip when the flight case is completed in about two hours for about thirty euros? Just for the pleasure of taking our time. It does not make the most profitable choice (see details of travel expenses at the end of the article), but it does choose a travel experience …

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