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The movie drama “Belfast” takes place in Belfast in the 1960s. Buddy’s family of nine lives in a Protestant district with few Catholics. During the Northern Ireland conflict, the family’s residence became a site of destruction. Buddy’s family must quickly decide whether to leave the only place they thought was home.

The film will be available digitally from April 28 and on DVD and Blu-ray from May 12.

We provide three Blu-rays for the film for “Belfast”‘s home cinema launch.

Buddy’s family is Protestant, but he has many Catholic friends. As a result, the boy’s parents (played by Kitriona Balfe and Jamie Dorn) and his grandmothers (played by Oscar winner Judy Dench and Sierra Hindustan) do not want the ongoing riots to continue. Although his father teaches him not to judge people by their religion, his love for a Catholic girl makes the nine-year-old even more confused. In addition to the historical events, the film focuses on the family life of the main characters and Buddy’s childhood.

‘Belfast’ was written by actor, director and screenwriter Kenneth Branagh. Born in Belfast in 1960, he moved to Reading at the age of nine. Branagh won an Oscar in 2022 for his screenplay for the play Black and White. The film was nominated in six other categories. According to the press release, the 63-year-old created “a heartwarming story of a childhood of love, laughter and music, disturbed by the social unrest in Ireland in the 1960s.”

You can read our review of the film here.

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Here is the trailer for “Belfast”:

We give three Blu-ray of the movie “Belfast”. Simply fill out the form and enter “Belfast” in the answer. The last date for entries is May 31, 2022. Legal action is avoided.

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