We protect WhatsApp from sneak peek: How to lock chats

We protect WhatsApp from sneak peek: How to lock chats

WhatsApp chats can be protected from prying eyes. Follow the practical and fast steps and enter a password. We are here to explain how to proceed.


Privacy Is that your password? Then it is time to save WhatsApp 360. Chats are personal, words spoken between two people should remain private, and videos and shared content may be reserved for a few close friends. How can you protect yourself not only from strangers but also from overly curious family members? The system is very simple and provides Provides a password. Let’s see how to proceed.

How to save whatsapp chats

Note Messaging application It is a part of our daily lives. The features that are a part of this handset are quite sophisticated, to say the least. Thought of who it was a few days ago. He found that there was no app on his device due to a cancellation given by Facebook, It cools you down. Similarly, think of a person You can read our chats, Viewing sent content or shared videos can cause annoyance and anger. So a solution is urgently needed Practical and fast Like entering a password to protect WhatsApp messages.

The first step to achieving this is to check if you have it The latest version of the application. You need to access the configuration menu of the mobile phone and see the list of apps and available updates. Alternatively, access the Play Store and check the list of apps installed on the device.

The steps to follow are step by step

Owners of A IPhone To enter a password they need to log in to the settings menu, select “Account”, click “Privacy” and then “Lock Screen”. At this point you need to activate it and select Face ID and Touch ID, Face Recognition or Fingerprint. The procedure is similar for owners of a Android cell phone. The steps are “Account”, “Settings”, “Account”, “Privacy”, and then “Fingerprint Lock”.

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there is Alternative To these procedures. You can protect WhatsApp by downloading specific apps like Norton App Lock oppure ChatLock You will need to enter the PIN or password in the messaging app. Finally, we remind you that some of the many features of WhatsApp protect privacy. We mention the possibility of hiding the profile photo Make messages invisible From the staring eyes.

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