“We need to vaccinate 60% of the world’s population to prevent the Kovid-19 epidemic.”

"We need to vaccinate 60% of the world's population to prevent the Kovid-19 epidemic."

World Health Organization Director-General (WHO), Pilot Epidemiologist Bruce Aileward Kovacs program to help poor countries get vaccines against Kovid-19. It warns of the lack of available doses and delays in the vaccination campaign, with the Delta variant spreading like wildfire.

As of June 17, the Kovacs system had delivered just 88 million doses to 131 countries, much lower than originally planned. Most of the billion doses offered by the G7 will not be available until the end of the year, or after all, by 2022. In an exclusive interview The worldBruce Aileward warns against the resumption of uncontrolled epidemics in the most vulnerable countries, especially in Africa, and condemns the beheading of countries rich in vaccines.

Vaccination Covid-19: Follow the progress of the campaign

At least a quarter of the planet has received at least one dose, but it only affects less than one in 100 people in poor countries. Where should you vaccinate as a matter of priority?

In Africa! We see it in curves: the epidemic is spreading across the continent. People over the age of 65 represent less than 5% of the population [contre 20 % en Europe], But caregivers are few and far between, with no tests and no oxygen. There is no doubt that people who are weaker than in Western countries will die there. We can give our children, cats, dogs and goldfish a million reasons to legalize immunization, but the truth is that they will never die like the most vulnerable Africans.

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Cascading problems are to be expected. There will be more and more patients and it will affect those who provide more care. When the elderly arrive at the hospital, no one is left to care for them. In Southeast Asia, countries such as Laos, Cambodia, and Vietnam are also at high risk of developing an epidemic.

Why not get vaccinated?

Everyone is armed with good intentions. Everyone wants to improve access to the vaccine. But this is difficult because leaders are under great pressure to vaccinate their own populations and revive their economies. We must admit that despite all our good will, we have not succeeded. To move forward, we need to establish laws between countries.

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What are the recommendations of the World Health Organization to accelerate this access to vaccines?

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