We learned of the shocking security committee surrounding Vladimir Putin

We learned of the shocking security committee surrounding Vladimir Putin

Spacious room for a handful of people. On February 21, the crisis between Ukraine and Russia was marked by an unusual media program: before announcing the recognition of the self-proclaimed republics of Lugansk and Donetsk, Vladimir Putin convened a Security Council, which filmed and broadcast on Russian television. Internet. The purpose of this council of Russian presidents was to gather opinions on Moscow’s acceptance of pro – Russian separatist territories in eastern Ukraine.

Francinefo returns to this audiovisual unfamiliarity, while the Kremlin master attacks and begins on Thursday, February 24 a “Military activity” In the Ukrainian region, as described“Large-scale occupation” Via Kyiv.

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Broadcasting such an event is an unusual practice

Filming and broadcasting of the Security Council is an unusual practice in Russia. All observers agree on this point, D CNN (In English) Via AFP Arnaud Dubian, director of the Franco-Russian Observatory, talks about AE “Amazing Format”.

But why invite cameras to such an event taking place behind closed doors elsewhere in Russia? “This meeting of the Security Council, which was broadcast on all major Russian television channels, was an incredible staging effort to show the solidarity of the political class in the face of this serious decision.”Said researcher Anna Colin Lebedev franceinfo by answering questions from internet users.

For this Security Council, Vladimir Putin brought together Prime Minister Mikhail Michoustin, Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu and former Russian President Dmitry Medvedev. The event was also attended by Secretary of the Security Council Nikolai Patrushev and the head of foreign intelligence Sergei Narishkin. Valentina Matwenko, president of the Federation Council, the upper house of parliament, is the only woman in the body.

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A staging of the verticality of power

During the Security Council, Vladimir Putin sat at a table set in the luxurious St. Catherine’s Room of the Kremlin, which signed the 2014 Conquest of Crimea. M from other members of the Council.

Russian President Vladimir Putin (left) during a Security Council meeting on February 21, 2022 in the Kremlin, Moscow.  (ALEKSEY NIKOLSKYI / SPUTNIK / AFP)

All the participants spoke in a white lecture set on one side of the large room. The President noticed them from his office. From a pure point of view, “Everything is done to build a democratic process.”Comments to franceinfo Piumluigi Basso, Professor of Linguistics at the University Lumiere Lyon 2. President of the French Association of Semiotics,“Sharp image” Gives the impression of light “Everything is very clear”, “Everything is visible”Specifies a specific “Transparency” Of walking.

But if the Russian president consults to gather different opinions, he is the one who decides in the last place. Above all, it is visible to the eyes of various specialists. “Vladimir Putin has a very vertical style of governing, where he tries to show that he alone decides.”, Recalled researcher Anna Colin Lebedev. Nicholas Tensor, political scientist, specialist in Russia and Ukraine, shared this assessment. “Completely Baroque Staging”.

“It was an arena of absolute domination, of the power of one man.”

Nicholas Tensor, political scientist

In Francinefoil

In the broadcast films, Pierre Luigi Basso underscores the lack of overall shots that bring Vladimir Putin and his partners together. However, according to the Semiotics it is an element “Basic” In the production of television. In his opinion, this shows that a Russian president is isolated and separated from even the most senior leaders in his country.

Insult to the head of foreign intelligence

Everywhere on the desk, there is widespread comment about Sergei Narichkin, the head of foreign intelligence. Apparently the head spy exploded in confusion and pressure. When he mentioned the possibility of leaving, a “One last chance” Ukraine and Vladimir Putin on several occasions sharply rebuilt it to pursue a peace process. “Be clear, Sergei”The Russian president called on him to say “yes or no” to recognizing separatist republics. “Well, sit down, thank you.”After a reference, he concluded when Sergei Naryshkin finally agreed “Appendix”As you can see in this BBC video (Russian has subtitles but English).

“Surreal Exchange”Writing Le Figaro. “Shocking Scene. USSR During Reality TV”, The journalist responded The world. Is the scene “Hard to see”, Commented CNN journalists.

“Everyone had a role to play, but Where he feels it Sergei Narishkin is upset “, Comments to franceinfo Lukas Aubin, cAssociate researcher on Iris, a specialist in Russian geopolitics. He puts forward several hypotheses behind this derailment: The director does not know exactly what to say after discussing the staging in advance, the question of the addition is on the table behind the curtain, but this important element should not be revealed publicly, or he will be afraid of Vladimir Putin.

On the other hand, the annoyance expressed by the Russian president when heard Sergei Narichkin, at other times on the council, Lucas Ubin is a regular in progress. “Vladimir Putin Takes an almost sarcastic stance. As a king’s ersatz, he also has courtiersHe comments. The way he rules goes back to old Russia.

Interesting time

Is this Security Council pure vision? Monday’s schedule indicates this. The television broadcast did not take place live. The council recorded the afternoon and ended it in the air at 6pm (local time). The Kremlin on Tuesday admitted that there had been some cuts, and it did “Some details have not been released”, Ria Novosti Agency reports (In Russian). Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu’s watch was spotted at around 12:45 p.m.

So separatist leaders in Lugansk and Donetsk registered with the Security Council long before the call to recognize their independence, which came on Monday afternoon. Officially, according to the initial version, after this call Vladimir Putin would say: “The purpose of our meeting [du Conseil de sécurité] Today we need to focus on our colleagues and determine our next steps in this direction. “

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