We have rarely seen a dinosaur brain like this

We have rarely seen a dinosaur brain like this

“Perhaps this change is related to a change in eating habits,” he said. “Carnivores generally need more intellectual skills.”

These details about Burolestes’ brain are interesting because it was an early dinosaur, said Lawrence Wittmer, a paleontologist and professor of anatomy at the University of Ohio, who studies soropods.

“It provides a window into the early evolution of the brains and sensory systems of the largest living animals on earth, the ceropod dinosaurs,” he said.Of The inner ear canal and follicular lobe suggest that it used rapid and coordinated movements of the head, neck, and eyes.

“Slow-moving soropods did not have a premium to retain such abilities, and we know that they must have lost these abilities because they had ancestral species such as Buryolestes.”

“Our knowledge of early dinosaur brains is very small,” said Fabian Knol, a paleontologist at the Dinopolis Foundation in Terval, Spain. Bariolestes, one of the oldest known dinosaurs, and its contemporaries are found mainly in Brazil and Argentina. When the fossil remains are turned over, the skull may be broken or missing, which makes this study rare.

It helps to illuminate a shady but quintessential evolutionary story – the small, quick, two-legged hunter slowly transforming into a large, uncluttered quadruped that eats only plants.

“The study of dinosaur brains is booming because it is easier than ever to reconstruct brain morphology thanks to digital technology,” he said. Knol said. However, information about the brains of early dinosaurs is hampered by the lack of quality fossils. So I would say that it is important to dig regularly in Brazil, Argentina and other places.

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