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We have categorized 74 Palms d’Or, from the best to the absolute masterpiece

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To coincide with the 75th anniversary of the Cannes Film Festival, “Telerama” received the 74 Palme d’Or Award since its creation in 1955.

If the Cannes Film Festival has been around since 1946, the first Palme d’Or Award for Best Picture in a Competition was won in 1955 – formerly known as the “Grand Prix”. Seventy-three of the subsequent 65 editions received seventy-three top awards (1) (the festival was interrupted in 1968 in solidarity with the May strikes and could not be held in 2020 due to the Kovid pandemic). Why such a difference? Because, nine times, the jury won two Exquisite titles in 1961, 1966, 1973, 1979, 1980, 1982, 1993, and 1997 (this no longer happens, and the rules of the festival forbid it for years).

Find our ranking (necessarily subjective) of the winners of Palm D’Or’s 74 movies, from the best to the absolute masterpiece.


74 – “Mission”, Roland Joff (1986)

Type: Clear mystery

Roland Joff wanted to satisfy action movie lovers and more demanding viewers, in this historical film about a Catholic mission in Guarani. It failed on both counts, especially since two players, Robert De Niro and Jeremy Irons, were playing excessively.

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