“We find our habits,” Tavera Kerr-Barlow knows

"We find our habits," Tavera Kerr-Barlow knows

Yes, we can’t wait to start the season again and do well against a good team. Personally, for my team, I want to always be available to play, but for the players, for our club, I am very happy. It was difficult, but we celebrated the occasion and now we have moved on.

Some players don’t consider themselves champions if they haven’t played in the finals. What about you who played all the matches until the semi-finals?

Like everyone else who put in the effort during the season. For us, it’s not just the 23 who play on match day, it’s our whole organization and the players who give their best. Unfortunately, we can only select 23 on match day.

In the week leading up to the final, your hand became famous in Ireland, where there were several articles about the possibility of seeing you playing with a hurling glove, a Gaelic discipline played with a stick…

In fact, it probably worked well, but my hand was too swollen to play. But once again, we’ve turned the page and we’re focusing on the coming season.

“It’s not just the 23 who play on match day that are champions, it’s our whole organisation”

Will the fact that Montpellier, the champions of France, take over lead to a form of entry pressure?

Each team must be played twice in each season. But it will be a great challenge against a very good team. It will be prime time and good game to play.

In the Hinch sector, Ihaya West and Jules Plisson left and Antoine Hastoy arrived. Are these early games key to finding his mark with different scrum halves?

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Yes. We discover our habits, the ways we play together, and the relationships between the different hinges. Gradually, we will progress through the season. But it is clear that Antoine is a real talent, he plays in the France team and he has already shown his class in training. We can’t wait to play with Pierre Poplin and Jules (Le Bale). We are going to do well this season.

Do you find that the group was in good shape before this recovery?

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