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We finally know why Boeing’s Test Flight Commander missed the Starliner test – BGR

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  • Boeing’s Starliner crew shake-up will be a little clearer when Commander Chris Ferguson understands one reason for his resignation.
  • The astronaut had a family commitment in 2021, including his daughter’s wedding.
  • The mission was delayed several times, and the corona virus caused a number of problems, and things got out of hand for the astronauts.

A few days ago, astronaut Chris Ferguson He announced his resignation This is the first time Boeing has stepped down from its position as head of sterliner in 2021. It’s a big deal with the crew dragon, as Sterliner has consistently interrupted and delivered more than just anything already delivered on its rival, the Spesxa, which put the company behind it.

At the time, Ferguson’s statement was relatively vague. He noted that he had previous commitments that he could not ignore. Right now, there are a lot of things that a person can commit to, but not a lot of things that can’t be canceled for space travel. Thanks to a statement from Boeing, we now know what it means to plant Ferguson’s feet in the ground.

According to a company statement, one of Ferguson’s commitments to attend was his daughter’s wedding. It really means a lot.

As I mentioned in the first article covering this story, the corona virus pandemic seriously disrupted numerous projects in the United States and around the world. In fact, NASA and Boeing found that the Starliner program also affected the Pandemic, which is not surprising given the history of the project’s delays and setbacks.

On top of that, wedding venues are notorious for cancellations this year, and from personal experience, I know there are many shocking venues that do not accept readjustments or cancellations despite the spread of the virus for a hefty fee. This is a bad situation everywhere, and when we do not know exactly what Ferguson’s situation is, I would be reluctant to conclude that the astronaut or his daughter is “selfish,” as some commentators have argued.

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For the most part, the actual wedding plans (and other commitments made by Ferguson in 2021) did not hinder the actual planned cruising launch of Starliner. Remember, StarLiner’s launches were delayed several times, and the major setback of the Uncrowded Test Mission was a significant setback to Boeing’s timeline. Now, the launch (as it currently stands) is scheduled for a time that coincides with Ferguson’s family events, and he has made the decision to put his family first.

But don’t worry, as Boeing’s StarLiner program goes, the Croyd launch may be delayed again, so you never know who it will be when it finally launches.

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