We fell in love with a regular pot still Irish whiskey

We fell in love with a regular pot still Irish whiskey

Ireland is still little known in the whiskey world. The country produces three types of whisky: grain whiskey from Scotland or Japan, malt whisky, The pot is still whiskey. Each mention is specific, but The bowl is still there It is the only one defined in Ireland.

Our spirit expert, Alexander Wingtier, is particularly fond of this genre, which has developed well over the years. “Sect The bowl is still there “It’s undergoing a renaissance and starting to have an aura beyond Ireland, Germany, France and the United States,” he said.

What is whiskey? The bowl is still there ?

It is a whiskey made in Ireland, generally distilled three times, in just one pot still. What’s special about whiskey is that it’s not just malted barley. It must contain at least 30% malted barley and at least 30% unmalted barley, with the possibility of varying proportions (eg 70%, 30%). Sometimes mixtures contain 5% of other grains, because in the past five types of grains were used to make it. The pot is still whiskey.

So it is the ancestor of Irish whiskey, but also the ancestor of American whiskeys Mash BillOr recipes with different grains.

Busker Single Pot Still Irish Whiskey

Here is a very good invention Whiskey single pot still of the brand The BuskerMade by youth Irish Royal Oak Distillery. Here we live in a register of whiskey in pure Irish tradition, without peat, still distilled three times in one pot. This cuvée is aged in sherry casks like traditional versions. The Whiskeys from The Busker Offers sweetness, fruit and fresh notes, without smoky aromas, and a long oily impression in the mouth. There is also an aroma of sharp spices on the finish. Can’t make a whiskey anymore Irish !

Lovers The bowl is still there Brands like Red Breast, Powers and Jones Lane may already be familiar. Over the next five to ten years, expect to see more and more whiskeys emerging from this Irish category.

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The Single pot still the busker Sold at wine merchants for €36. “Excellent value for money”, notes Alexander Wingtier.

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