“We do not underestimate La Rochelle,” warns Irishman Josh van der Flyer

"We do not underestimate La Rochelle," warns Irishman Josh van der Flyer

During a press video conference for the French media on Tuesday, April 27, Rochelleis, an international partner from Leinster, was different. Indications of Irish caution ahead of the European semi-finals on Sunday, May 2, in Marseille-Deflandry

What did the video sessions teach you about La Rochelle?

That this is a very good team. Also, one of the most important things is that the game is likely to get closer and Rochelleys can get one or two or three attempts. All of their personalities are remarkable, which can be a big challenge.

We found out this Tuesday that Jonathan Sexton will not be playing in the semi-finals, and how will this change your preparation for you?

He’s one of the best players in the world, which is a big disappointment for us and him. But Rose Byrne has been brilliant with us every season. Sure, Johnny will be missed, but I have no doubt Rose and Ciaran Froley are there.

The third La Rochelle line facing sales was written by Gregory Aldrit, Victor Vito and Covin Gordon. What do you think about the battle that awaits you against them on Sunday?

They have an incredible third column in this match, one of the best, or the best. She is very impressive. I’ve played against Gordon and Aldritt before, who are amazing players. Victor Veto is powerful and capable of magical actions. Then there will be more Leibniz on the bench, I imagine This will be a big challenge for us this week and we expect a tough fight.

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Not La Rochelle, you have experience of these great events, do you think it will make a difference?

Yes, it helps. The last semi-final I played in France, We lost it against Clermont (27-22, 2017, editor’s note), If I remember correctly. We have experience, yes, but at the end of the day it’s still a rugby game. We play, in France, whether it’s a semi – final or not, it’s always difficult. Then La Rochelle would play at home, and that was her routine …

“We will play in France and it is always difficult whether it is a semi-final or not. Then La Rochelle would play at home, and that’s what she used to do … “

La Rochelle has not yet conducted an experiment following the infiltrating group …

We found them to be very solid on defense keys, especially with Skelton and Atonio. They are very well organized. Jono Gibbs, whom I knew as the forward coach when I was at Leinster Academy, was a very good coach. It is up to us to do our best, and again, a challenge awaits us in this area.

From a personal point of view, we saw you very well against Ireland against England and Leinster in Exeter. Do we imagine that this half and the possibility of being called up in the British and Irish Lions group is very inspiring?

Honestly, playing these games is great and I’m in good shape. You have to be very competitive to stand with Leinster and Ireland, so I focus on what I have to do with Leinster and this game in La Rochelle. I never really thought about the Lions or anything like that. I want to be the best I can be, especially this weekend.

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“We have had good times, successes and successes in recent times. Expectations are high at the start of each season. ”

La Rochelle has no experience, but will the fact that the four Blues who won in Dublin were in its ranks help fill it?

Yes, they have a lot of players who have faced us with other teams or the Blues. We know the danger they represent and the confidence they bring. La Rochelle are second in the top 14 with one game short in the semifinals. We are confident too, but we do not underestimate them.

Your team is going to the finals in Europe and Pro14, how will this winning culture manifest every day?

We have had good times, successes and accomplishments in recent times. Expectations are high at the start of each season. Every day, when you see the level of young players in Leinster, you have to train well and perform well, because the competition in all positions is tough.

International center Gary Ringros (26) returns to Leinster at the best of times with an injury.

Photo Credit: AFP

James Ryan and Gary Ringross have returned from injury. What is their significance within Leinster?

They are very important. You can see their status, but they are the best leaders in the group, both of whom are our captains. They are still very young but they have a lot of experience (Ryan 24, Ringrose 26, editor’s note). They are world class players and I am very happy to see them coming back.

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