We are worse than Africa. Only one country in the world can meet its climate goals

We are worse than Africa.  Only one country in the world can meet its climate goals

Scientists are once again warning of catastrophic weather threats around the world. This time they came up with interesting numbers and data. According to Science Alert That is, only one country on earth will meet its climate goals, and the European Union is worse off than some developing countries and the United Kingdom.

We are working very slowly

Up to 35 of the 36 countries assessed are failing to meet the objectives of the Paris Agreement. Russia, Iran, Singapore and Saudi Arabia are all on the tail. China, India, Ukraine, but even western countries such as Canada and Australia are considered inadequate experts. Writes Climate Action Tracker.

Weather Action Tracker

We are somewhere, the European Union. For example, Japan and the USA are in an inadequate category with us. The goal of the agreement is to stabilize global warming to 1.5 degrees Celsius, which is not a safe value. Also, it is now above ground Larger ozone hole than Antarctica.

In front of us, in almost enough category, were countries like Nigeria, Kenya, Ethiopia and the United Kingdom. The Gambia, a small African country with a population of two million, is the only country to meet its climate goals. With the current measures in place, we will reach double the emissions required for 1.5 C heating by 2030.

Why are they ahead of us?

How are African countries behind us? Well, because they are backward. In Europe, it is common for the vast majority of the population to own a mobile phone, which they regularly switch to, drive, use the Internet and achieve similar modern achievements.


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But all of this is affecting global warming because they all need to be generated or still require electricity that is not generated from renewable and environmentally friendly sources.

Although mobile phone emission calculations vary, the production of an average smartphone will produce 55 kg of CO2, Writing restart project. That doesn’t sound bad, but how high is this number when we multiply it by the number of smartphones? About two billion are sold each year. No, it’s not total – it’s an annual sale.

Do we have any chance?

So it is with all the technological advances that most people in developing countries take for granted. The devastating eruption of cryptocurrencies that has recently flooded the world is not helping. Only Bitcoin is produced According to Reuters Approximately 22 million tons of CO2 per year. A single bitcoin transaction will create electronic waste for two abandoned iPhones.


Many blame corporates and their often irresponsible behavior. Although they play a large role in the condition of our planet, an ordinary citizen is certainly not innocent.

But getting out of the comfortable European life and actively fighting for a cleaner world is something only a handful of people are willing to do. In addition to convenience, there are a number of reasons – including old experience that “one man will not change anything,” said one billion Europeans.

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