“We are losing power, we are regaining some democracy” – Corriere.it

"We are losing power, we are regaining some democracy" - Corriere.it
From Stefano Montefiori

Former presidential candidate: “Macron has lost touch with the country and excessive power has hurt him.” And now? “Let’s see if the government will fall or find an alliance.”

From our correspondent

“When one holds power for a long time, one becomes deaf and blind. For five years Macron exercised total power, subdued by laws and democratic elections, God forbid, but this system showed all its shortcomings. . ”
Segolen RoyalFormer Socialist presidential candidate in 2007, minister and deputy repeatedly, first requested The Union of the Left Behind Melanchon, At the time of the vote for Elysee.

“I do not deny it. I always thought that left-wing unity was the way to go and that Melancholy was the strongest man capable of achieving that.

“I hope so. It is wrong to give all powers to one person so that he does not have to worry about seeking compromises and alliances. This is politics, too, the quest for mediation and contracts. This unprecedented situation for France will do her good.

Why does he say Macron went deaf and blind?

these Election Am I a breakthrough?

“I think so, because beyond the majority that can be found, the French have made it clear that they are tired of technological decisions. They want a more humane policy designed for future generations. More ecology, more protection of public services, the legacy of those who have none.”

Did Macron fund the plan to raise the retirement age to 65?

“I think he lost so many seats over the last five years because he pursued a policy that was very generous, very pro-rich, and did not care about the poor. He blames ordinary citizens for talking about the general deficit and pension reform, while the big French companies listed on the stock exchange are making record profits and the energy companies are making extraordinary profits. This is an economic model that no longer works.

In addition to the many seats in the News of Melenchon and the erosion of the government alliance, another factor was the mass entry of Lebanese delegates.

“It simply came to our notice then. First, in the presidential election, he called for the vote of the far left to block Penn in the Marines and defeat the Elysee. Later, in the legislature, fearing that Melenchon would make too much progress, he equated the far left with the far right. So he legalized the lepers, and in fact they had great success.

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