“We are going to an unknown place against Ireland”

"We are going to an unknown place against Ireland"

A France – University of Ireland, not held in Barbesiux since 2010, where the blues ignited (success 60 to 11).

Twelve years later, the poster is back …

A France – University of Ireland, not held in Barbesiux since 2010, where the blues ignited (success 60 to 11).

Twelve years later, poster Albert Zigagna is still back at the head of the Blues, with Stade Toulouse’s former third tier center, nicknamed Matabiu, referring to the Toulouse station’s classification. He talks about these mergers.

You are back in the region to face the Irish. Is it an old habit?

Albert Sigagna. “It simply came to our notice then. Everything is favorable and favorable for the preparation of an international meeting.

You are returning to the competition after the outbreak. How did you adapt to the situation?

We waited three weeks before the resumption against the English (16-15 defeat at Newcastle). We are on a new adventure with the Irish as we have not met for some time. The transition to the professional age means that the Irish Federation has discontinued its university team. The links have now been updated and in this contest we will sign a four year contract with them so that we can meet at our place or their place every year.

Is this the same configuration as against English?

No, the conditions are special. Our last encounters were so positive for us, they didn’t want to know it. So, we set up the selection ceiling. We are committed to non-conventional, non-professional players. We can only retain two players who have faced England, but it also allows us to find other players. On the other hand, they have the right to choose their team within a university championship. So let’s see if we are on their level, but we are going into the unknown.

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You went on to win ten before falling against the English. What lessons can you learn from this?

We could have won because we lost on penalty at the last minute, but I think the English worked more as a team, while for us it was a combination of individuals. In three training sessions, each time you had to try to build a community, it was not enough for this meeting.

Have you studied your future opponent?

We had videos, but that doesn’t make much sense. We do not know where they are, we do not know, but it’s part of the game, we’ve been going for four years, we know in the future, after this first match, what to do. It will be an inventory of fixtures in a way, but if we can succeed, we will not lose it ourselves.

Your group and how would you rate it?

It’s hard to say like every time, but we always try to field the best team. See you on the field. A priori, the Irish are very strong, we are very few, so we will adapt. It is always very rich for a player to enjoy such an experience. I have been the head of this team for over fifteen years and since I will be retiring in January 2023, I am convinced of this even if I hand over soon.

Subsidiary Question: How would you, a former embattled player of Stade Toulouse, be judged at the end of the best 14 seasons?

Shortness of breath. It’s probably done for Tools at the end (note: last day recipients of Biarritz) but it’s been a while since they finished the playoffs. Even if they recover from rotten internationals, they will still have time to recharge their batteries. It goes well with the well-performing La Rochelo Bordeaux-Beglesino, but it’s good for the interest of the championship. Gives good suspense.

The Irish are very strong, but we will adapt.

Tickets are still on sale. About 800 tickets have already been sold out for tonight’s match at Jonesack Stadium. Admission is 2 euros for under 18s, 10 euros for weight and 25 euros for stands. The match will be streamed live on Charon’s Libre website and UBJ’s Facebook page.

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Albert Zigagna has been the manager of Les Blues for more than 15 years.

Photo by Renaud Joubert

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