We Abolish the Urbanization Control Zone in Chigasaki-shi!・ Hidemitsu Katsura ・ NHK Party Recommendation ・ Candidate for Chigasaki Mayoral Election – Hidemitsu Katsura (Katsura Hidemitsu) | election.com

We Abolish the Urbanization Control Zone in Chigasaki-shi!・ Hidemitsu Katsura ・ NHK Party Recommendation ・ Candidate for Chigasaki Mayoral Election - Hidemitsu Katsura (Katsura Hidemitsu) |  election.com

“Abolition of Urbanization Control Zone in Chigasaki City!・ Hidemitsu Katsura ・ NHK Party Recommendation ・ Candidate for Chigasaki Mayoral Election”
YouTube: https://youtu.be/UdLjaJ_5vGQ
We released the following video titled:

Hidemitsu Katsura: NHK Party (October 2022), candidate for mayor of Chigasaki City recommended by Ph.D.
Kazuhiko Yamauchi: Former Kawasaki City Councilor, Journalist Starred in the movies “Election” and “Election 2” Graduated from Tokyo University’s Faculty of Letters.

[റെക്കോർഡിംഗ് തീയതിയും സ്ഥലവും]
September 2022, Chiyoda Ward, Tokyo.

YouTube: https://youtu.be/UdLjaJ_5vGQ

Blog URL: https://go2senkyo.com/seijika/22385/posts/458378

File: MAH00233

October 7, 2022

Katsura Hidemitsu
【Closing Address】
〒220-8691 Yokohama Central Post Office PO Box 52
Form Mail: http://airusa.org/newkatsura/formmail/
IP Phone and Fax: 050-6864-0530
Fax: 0467-54-1383

[കത്സുര ഹിഡെമിറ്റ്സുവിൽ നിന്നുള്ള വിവര കൈമാറ്റം ഇനിപ്പറയുന്ന URL ആണ്]
Academic Achievements: http://airusa.org/newkatsura/
Blog: https://go2senkyo.com/seijika/22385/posts
Twitter: https://mobile.twitter.com/katsurahide
Facebook: https://m.facebook.com/Dr.Katsura

[ഹിഡെമിറ്റ്സു കത്സുരയുടെ പ്രതിനിധി കൃതികൾ]
(National Diet Library, Tokyo University of Marine Science and Technology Shinagawa Main Library, Tokai University Shonan Campus Library)

[[1]] Katsura Hidemitsu:

“Estimates of variations in Earth’s stable isotope ratios”,
ISBN 978-3-659-33738-3,
Lambert Academic Publishing, Saarbrücken, Germany,
11 February 2013.

[[2]] Katsura Hidemitsu:

“Biological Activity Accounts for Collecting Radioisotopes
ISBN-13 (15) 978-93-90431-22-9 (Print),
ISBN-13 (15) 978-93-90431-23-6 (eBook),
Publisher: Book Publishers International, February 11, 2021.

[വിദ്യാഭ്യാസ പശ്ചാത്തലം]

Entered Daizawa Elementary School in Setagaya Ward, Tokyo and graduated from Surugadai Elementary School in Chigasaki City, Kanagawa Prefecture, J. Graduated from Oberlin Junior High School, J. Science, Tokyo University of Science University of Marine Science and Technology) Graduate School of Fisheries Science, Department of Marine Production, Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology, United Graduate School of Agriculture, Department of Environmental and Resource Symbiosis Science (Doctoral Program), US Govt. Invitation / South Dakota State University International Scientist Exchange Visitor.

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【 Bachelor of Science】

Master of Fisheries (Tokyo University of Fisheries = now Tokyo University of Marine Science and Technology), PhD (Agriculture, Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology).

[ജോലി ചരിത്രം മുതലായവ]

Temporary station staff at Chigasaki Station of the Japanese National Railway, lecturer at Buso Junior High School, lecturer at Odawara Juvenile Training School, teacher at Ikui College of Technology (now Salesian College of Technology), Tokyo Public School teacher, Shinagawa Ebara Dairi School, Shinagawa Ward Ito Junior High School teacher, Chiyoda Ward Kojimachi Junior High School Teacher Tokyo Metropolitan Omori High School Teacher Metropolitan Omori Higashi High School Teacher Proteus Air Service
INC. (Headquarters: California, USA) Director, Sakado High School Attached to University of Tsukuba, Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW), Fujimin Gakuen Fujizawa Junior High School, Tokai University Sagami to Yoyo High School, Nihon Junior High School and Tokyo University of Marine Science Technology, Department of Marine Environment, Postdoctoral Fellow, Invited by Malaysian Government, Foreign Lecturer in Faculty of Engineering, University of Kuala Lumpur.

Presently, Chairman, Coimbatore Institute of Technology, Tamil Nadu, India; PhD Examiner, Anna University, Tamil Nadu, India; Doctoral Examiner, Baladiar University, Tamil Nadu, India; the teacher

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