Watch SpaceX’s new Raptor vacuum engine burn out

Watch SpaceX's new Raptor vacuum engine burn out

SpaceX’s new Raptor vacuum engine ignites during a test.

Video Screenshot by Amanda Kusser / Cinet

SpaceX is booming these days. Elon Musk is not the only company Starship develops prototypes and sends them into the air, The engine optimized for use in space affects gas in the development of its new Rapter vacuum engine.

Company Tweeted some brutal footage Full-time test fire of a Rapter vacuum engine at SpaceX’s Rocket Development Facility in McGregor, Texas. This is an explosion.

Look carefully, you will see a small flame before the full engine starts. “Preburners are burning, then the main chamber.” Musk explained on Twitter.

Raptor engines are designed to bring the next generation of starship into orbit. But SpaceX looks beyond the earth Eyes on the moon And finally journeys to Mars. It requires some powerful engines to achieve those goals.

To find out the difference between a standard raptor and a raptor vacuum designed to operate well at sea level Photo of SpaceX showing a man for scale.

Notice the drastic difference in size between the bell-shaped sections. StarShip ends with a mixture of engines.

Engine tests are one of the most beautiful moments in the development of a spacecraft. A fiesta of bright energy and a preview of the Earth-shaking launches are ahead for SpaceX with the goal of sending the starship into orbit.

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