Wasteland 3 patch game Eurogamer.net solves the biggest problems in the game

Wasteland 3 patch game Eurogamer.net solves the biggest problems in the game

Insile has released a patch for its role-playing game Westland 3, which solves some of the biggest problems in the game.

Patch 1.1.1., Now live on Steam, GeoG, Microsoft Store, Xbox One and PlayStation 4, aims to improve performance on consoles, fix problematic co-sign loading screen crashes and exploit antique appraiser perk.

While I love Wasteland 3, it’s very rough on the edges, and it has some serious issues with the consoles and especially the collaboration. InSail said the patch makes more than a dozen changes aimed at improving performance and stability, especially on consoles.

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Many players criticized the load time of Westland 3. This patch makes some improvements here, but has set a more effective load time reduction for future patch.

The collaboration in this patch received a lot of attention. Load screen hangs – 33% load bug – fixed mainly for co-signature games, Insile said. “In some cases the load bar may seem to be stuck at 33 percent, but it will load in five or more minutes,” Insile added. “We are consciously and actively working to address these.”

To Quests and Gameplay, InSile finally changes the way Antiquus Appraiser Perk works, closing a loophole that they use to make tons of money from buying and selling their junk. Perk will no longer be triggered in the scrap, however this change will not be reflected in the text description until the next patch. The Antiquus Appraiser now has a five percent chance of increasing the value of junk 40 times, from 50x.

While this patch has a long way to go to improve Westland 3, InSail has described the next patch as “a big one”. It is set to accommodate hundreds of individual changes, including solutions, balance improvements, and load time reduction.

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