Washington fears Russian attack “at any time”

Washington fears Russian attack "at any time"

The next few days are sure to be crucial. Possibility of attack in Ukraine “At any time”, intrigues It is considered a concern in Belarus : The United States is now sounding the alarm everywhere against Russia, however, “they claim to be looking for a diplomatic way.”

“We are at a point where Russia can invade Ukraine at any time,” said Jen Zaki, a White House spokesman.

Soon after, US diplomat Anthony Blinken flew to Europe. In his program: Negotiations with Ukraine and Europeans but above all, an interview with his Russian rival in Geneva on Friday.

Washington was also intimidated by the current and future Russian plots in Ukraine’s neighboring Belarus. A Pentagon spokesman has said that Russian President Vladimir Putin is “clearly building a military system that gives him a number of options.” ⁇

Deployment of nuclear weapons is possible

A State Department official said the Russian-Belarusian military exercises announced by Belarus on Tuesday had gone “beyond the ordinary” and would indicate a permanent Russian military presence in the former Soviet republic. The same source was concerned about a constitutional reform plan in Belarus that would allow Russia to deploy nuclear weapons in this country and Poland, which shares a border with Ukraine.

If Moscow takes action in Ukraine, the US side will “exclude any option,” Jenzaki warned, questioning the strategic Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline leading to Germany and Russia’s exclusion from “Swift”. System of International Banking Exchanges.

Last week, Washington alleged that Moscow had sent agents to Ukraine to carry out “sabotage” operations to create a “cause” for the occupation.

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Blinken-Lavrov meeting on Friday

This rising alarmist tone on the part of the United States coincides with a new attempt at dialogue with Russia. U.S. diplomat confirmed that Secretary of State Anthony Blinken will meet with Russian Secretary of State Sergei Lavrov in Geneva on Friday.

“There is still time to say whether the Russian government has a genuine interest in diplomacy, whether it is willing to negotiate seriously and in good faith, or whether these talks will be used as a pretext to claim that diplomatic exchanges do not override interests. From Moscow, ”a State Department source said anonymously.

Earlier, Anthony Blinken was expected in Kiev on Wednesday in the wake of an explosion in which Russia deployed tens of thousands of troops on the Ukrainian border. Before him on Tuesday, Canadian rival Melanie Jolie stressed the need to stand “with Ukraine” against Russia, which is “aggressive”. The US Secretary of State will then travel to Berlin for talks with the UK, France and Germany.

London, for its part, announced that it would export weapons such as anti-tank missiles to Ukraine, while Kiev rightly complained about the West’s unwillingness to strengthen their military assistance.

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