Warning! This is the impact of a solar storm predicted on November 28 on Earth

Planet Matahari

Bisnis.com, Jakarta – Astronomers and researchers SpaceWeather.com Has been warned to come Sun storm The longest in history will fall to Earth on November 28, 2021.

Do not underestimate the storm, because it has been proven to affect various disorders related to networks and the Internet. The following is the impact of the solar body on the earth’s technological infrastructure.

1. Underwater cable
Submarine cable infrastructure is vulnerable to damage and damage during a solar storm. A storm is a surge of magnetic energy caused by a storm, which can damage the repeaters on submarine cables.

2. Interrupted Internet Network
Solar storms will disrupt and destroy the Earth’s Internet network. Naturally the Sun continues to throw magnetic charged particles at the surrounding planets.

The ozone layer can remove these normally sized particles. At the same time, during solar storms, the particles of vomit increase and cannot be neutralized by the earth’s protective layer.

Particles reaching the Earth will damage the Internet network, destroying the entire network, even at extreme levels, and completely paralyzing Internet access.

3. Radio network interrupted
Facilities that use radio waves can also be damaged by solar storms. During a thunderstorm, radio transmissions may not be fully functional due to exposure to magneticly charged particles.

The public should certainly be aware of the coming of the hurricane, but it is advisable not to panic or worry too much. This is because, very rarely, a solar storm can cause lethal and catastrophic damage.

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