Warning of serious software vulnerabilities on Windows systems

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Companies interested in cybersecurity have warned of a vulnerability in software that could be exploited to infiltrate Windows systems on computers.

According to some websites, experts at cybersecurity company Positive Security have detected malicious “drive-by” software vulnerabilities on Windows-10 and Windows-11 systems that could be used to infiltrate those systems and access data on operating devices. In this.

Experts at the aforementioned company noted that Microsoft had been warned of this vulnerability, the latter providing software updates to its operating systems, but these updates did not address the vulnerability as required, and Microsoft did not release it. Any official statements about this risk to users, but quietly tried to address it.

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Experts say that if a user accesses unsafe sites on the Internet, the above vulnerabilities could infiltrate Windows systems, so they advise users to browse the currently known and secure sites on the Internet until Microsoft releases updates that completely fix the problem.

It is worth noting that Microsoft has released a number of security updates for Windows systems after announcing that it has detected a number of potential vulnerabilities, such as PrintNightmare damage to Windows Print Spooler services. For programming.

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